WordPress Hosting Providers That Can Boost the Load Time of Your Website

Visitors love to visit a fast load website. They want to get the information right away. If it is not, they will close the page and find another website. Don’t let it happens to your website. That’s why you need to use a WordPress hosting provider that offers a sophisticated system that makes visitors can load your website quickly. Here, we have the list of those hosting providers. Take a look at them and pick your favorite hosting provider that will support your website.


Cloudways is one of the fastest hosting providers. The secret of its amazing speed service is because the provider using a fully dedicated server. The dedicated server speed will optimize the server stack. As a result, you can maximize the server and app performance. Besides supported by a dedicated server, the speed is also coming from the SSD-based hosting. It is claimed that SSD drives are 3 times faster to load a website. Another feature that makes this server faster is the built-in advanced caches such as Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis. It boosts the response of the website. Due to its fast speed performance, Cloudways hosting is an option for all of website owners including agencies, business owners, bloggers, or e-commerce.

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is not only offering a reasonable price but also a great performance. One of the best services is the fast speed of the server. It is known as one of the fastest WordPress hosting services. It is claimed that the server can boost your site speed up to 3 times faster than any other server. The reason is that this WordPress hosting provider develops its own Content Delivery Network or CDN. By applying CDN, it means your website has a mini-server. The function of the mini-server is to help load and run a website faster and efficiently.CDN works by grabbing the content of the website and quickly delivers it to the nearby servers. As a result, it doesn’t matter where your visitors open your website, they can load your website fast and get valuable information from it.


SiteGround is included on this list because this provider has the fastest Cpanel host. You may use this provider if you only have a small website and you want to maximize the performance. What makes SiteGround become a fast hosting provider is because of its in-house solutions. The team is trying to do anything to offer a fast server that makes visitors can load your website faster. Let say, you will be supported by faster hardware, web server, CMS, website, load, and PHP. For the faster website and load time, SiteGround is using CDN or Content Delivery Network and HTTP/2. The technology is also supported by NGINX web server technology. It helps to speed up the load time of your website. By the time a foreign visitor visiting your website, the technology will deliver the content to the nearby server so they can access the content immediately.


This hosting provider is an option for a sophisticated and complex website. It is also a good option for those have a large website. WPEngine hosting provider is using a variety of sophisticated technologies such as Cloudflare, Content Delivery Network, Evercache, and a multi-datacenter clustered environment. Those latest technologies help to boost the speed of your WordPress website. As a result, visitors can explore your website effectively and get what they want right away. When they know the performance of your website, they will visit it over and over again.


Kinsta is also designed for a large and complex WordPress website. Although it is designed for large and complex websites the systems are also suitable for small websites. The performance of this provider can’t be separated from the technologies. Kinsta is using a variety of powerful technologies such as NGINX, PHP 7.3, LXD containers, and MariaDB. Those technologies are used to make sure that your beloved visitors can load your website faster. Just like what the provider said that the technology will make your visitor load your website in the blink of their eyes.    


Pressidium is also a great option if you are looking for a WordPress hosting provider that can boost the load time of your website. Pressidium is using a dynamic load balancing layer that can accelerate the content of your website. Your website will be supported by the Total Traffic Management solution. It works to distribute the load to the nearby servers so visitors can access your website faster even if the traffic of the website is on its peaks.

So, it is easy for you to find a Wordpress hosting provider that offers technology to boost the load time. Just choose one of the hosting providers above and get the benefits from them.

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