Ways to décor your home with ceiling

The ceiling is also known as the third wall and it can help make your home look adorable. Besides decorative purpose, the ceiling also works as a protective shield for the residents of the house. No doubt, the ceiling is an important element of any room, so its décor can transform your room. The simple and plain white colored ceiling has been in use since centuries. But now, there is a new trend of using Alamiva stretch ceilings.

Besides using the Alamiva stretch ceiling for your room, you can also decorate your white ceiling in several other ways. Your living room and bedroom will look marvelous if you decorate their ceiling. So, are you looking for ceiling décor ideas that will not cost you much? If your answer is yes, then this article will help you. Let’s have a look.

1. Paint your ceiling

One of the easiest ways to decorate a ceiling is to paint it. Painting a ceiling can give your room a fresh and good look. Here you don’t need to worry about the cost as you can get it done affordably. If the color of the walls is light, then use a darker color to paint your ceiling. But if the size of your room is small, then the paint of the ceiling and walls should be the same or paint your ceiling in a lighter color. A light color ceiling will make your room look bigger and spacious.

2. Use lighting for your ceiling

In recent years, the concept of ceiling lighting has gained much popularity. These days, most of the homeowners prefer using lights for their ceilings. Ceiling lighting fixtures not just add visibility to your ceiling, but also enhance the overall lighting of your room. However, you need to buy proper lighting.

3. Alamiva stretch ceilings

As already discussed, Alamiva stretch ceiling can play a vital role in decorating your room. These Alamiva stretch ceilings are made with PVC-based membrane that have the pre-designed image placed on it. This allows the Alamiva stretch ceiling to fit custom spaces. These ceilings have 3D print applications to make your home unique. The best thing about Alamiva ceilings is that they can be customized. It means customers can ask Alamiva to customize the size and shape of a stretch ceiling.

4. Use stencils and decals for your ceiling

Stencils and decals look amazing on smooth ceilings. They can add a custom look to each room so that the residents and guests can have a wonderful experience. Stencils and decals will make your ceiling eye-catching.

5. Use wallpapers

When we talk about wallpapers, the first thing that comes to our mind is walls. But it is just a myth as wallpapers can also be used on ceilings. We suggest you paste wallpapers either on the walls or on the ceiling.

6. Use wood moldings

Wood moldings are considered as inexpensive decorative. These wood moldings can add a great look to your ceiling if used with hot glue and a bit of stain or paint.

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