Using a Splitting Maul Safely

In this life, as humans, we must learn a lot of safety and survival tricks that go beyond our dependence on what the government or our money can provide. Although technology improves from time to time, there will come a point wherein we really need to go back to the basics. This is especially true when we are stricken with disasters or we are having outdoor adventures like camping.

Cutting wood is one of the primary skills that we should learn, whether we are a male or a female. This will not just be helpful for survival and outdoor activities but also for your household needs since you can use the wood to heat up your fireplace or preparing smoked meat and cooking barbecue.

With all that said, let us now take a closer look at some of the things that you must instill in your mind before even handling a splitting maul for the first time.

Safety Tips when Using a Splitting Maul

Using a splitting maul safely would depend on three factors: the splitting maul, the user, and the wood that will be cut. Let us briefly discuss each one of them.

• The Splitting Maul

A common mistake that a number of people make is that they think that as long as they have the best splitting mauls they will be fine. The truth of the matter is that your safety will not be assured by your tool. Always remember the saying "The tool will never be the master."

So, what should you do? Before you decide to cut wood, you must inspect the splitting maul for any wear and tear, and then replace or fix anything that needs to be replaced or fixed.

• The User

A splitting maul is a heavy tool that you need to raise above your head when you use it. This means that you should have the right amount of shoulder and hand strength as well as enough leg strength to maintain your stability or balance.

With that said, it doesn't mean that only those who are muscular can handle it. Everybody can as long as they have the strength to carry the tool. The bottom line is that you should be in good health. You should not have conditions that affect your motor skills or taking any medicine that limits your body strength and motor skills.

Also, you should have enough sleep, have already eaten, and properly hydrated. Of course, you should not have taken any alcoholic beverages the night before. Additionally, you must wear proper gear like goggles, gloves, and closed shoes.

• The Wood

When it comes to the logs that you will cut, the primary concern would be whether it is wet or dry. The most ideal wood to cut is a perfectly dried one as it can be cut precisely and quickly.

Final Thoughts

That's it! The essentials of safely cutting wood using a splitting maul. Nonetheless, you must also consider the safety of the people around, so work in the appropriate area and check whether people or pets are around before starting to cut.

Good luck!

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