Top Ways to Make Your Wooden Serving Tray Very Useful

Found an appealing wooden serving tray, but you’ve got no idea where to use it other than what it is called for? That’s interesting because there are several useful ways to make a high-quality wooden serving tray very useful, especially if they are from Virginia Boys Kitchens; in fact, here are a few of them:

1.    In the living room as a coffee table tray
If you are a minimalist, these simple, yet elegant looking wooden trays are the best addition to your living room’s center table as a coffee table tray. But did you know you can do better than that? Here are a few things you can do with your wooden serving tray when placed on your living room’s center table:

•    Try using the tray to place scented candles whenever you need to do some yoga in your living room.

•    Try using the tray to hold flowers and a few decorative things that can enhance your living room’s interior design.

•    You can use the tray to place some of your favorite books to read or even your small-sized laptop (netbook); keep organizing your things on your living room’s center table using the tray.

2.    In the dining area

Most of the wooden serving tray that you can find in the market today are versatile; especially those that are made from Virginia Boys Kitchen. The well-designed trays are a convenient way to keep things close at hand and to enhance the aesthetic of your dining area.

Other than being used as a holder for most condiments, these durable trays can be used as a decorative item with a flower vase in between and scented candles on the sides. Also, if you check out this wooden serving tray, you will instantly know that it can handle any table setting.

3.    Your portable bar
If you want to drink a glass of martini or have some weekend drink with your best drinking buddy at home, you can always use the serving tray to place your drinks or some chips in it while watching your favorite sports on television or be outside at your backyard talking about a lot of things.

If you choose to use the wooden serving tray found in the Virginia Boys Kitchens, you are getting an easy grip, durable, and reliable wooden tray. There are a lot of wooden serving trays that you can find in the market today, but the trays designed and manufactured by the said company is durable enough to withstand frequent use. In fact, since these trays are from 100 percent the USA made with certified sustainably grown walnut wood, you are assured that your tray would last up to 4 – 5 years; however, that depends on how you use it.

Here are the top two wood serving trays in the market today:
•    20 x 20 Inch Square Walnut Wood Serving and Coffee Table Tray with Handles
•    20 x 15 Inch Rectangular Walnut Wood Serving and Coffee Table Tray with Handles

If you need more details on the mentioned wooden serving trays, you can always pay a visit to Virginia Boys Kitchens’ official website.

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