Timeshares Vs. Condominium Hotels For Holiday Home Ownership

Residence accommodations, also called condotels, really are a somewhat new concept in holiday home ownership. They allow persons to possess condos in luxury accommodations and have accessibility to all the amenities of this hotel. When not using their condo device themselves, homeowners have the choice of putting it in the hotel's rental program and getting a percentage of the revenue it generates.

Because the condo resort concept is indeed new, NYC CONDOS it's often confused with timeshares, a well known holiday home option that 's been around considering that the 1970s. In fact, condo accommodations have several qualities that set them apart from timeshares and make them attractive to a unique phase of the second home market. Listed here is a comparison between those two types of property investment.


Timeshares - When you buy a timeshare, you choose not really a set area but also a certain fortnight that you will use your holiday home every year.

Residence Lodges - With a condo resort, you have flexibility to make use of your device once you want. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that some condo accommodations do have living constraints that keep you from making your condo a permanent residence.


Timeshares - The typical timeshare has a residential area pool and some common areas.

Residence Lodges - Residence accommodations have lots of the amenities you'd discover at luxury hotels. As well as a swimming (or pools), there is probably an on-site cafe (possibly several), a lay, a full-service bobbleheadwater, a state-of-the-art exercise facility, a poolside bar, etc.


Timeshares - Timeshares are sold fully furnished. The caliber of furnishings depends upon the individual development. The cost for the furnishings is created into the price.

Residence Lodges - Residence resort devices are sold fully furnished generally with high-end furniture, appliances and fixtures picked by a professional inside designer. The cost for furnishings is contained in the price tag on the condo resort unit.


Timeshares - In a timeshare, you're responsible for your own housekeeping and device preservation during your stay.

Residence Lodges - You receive daily housekeeping as you'd in a luxury hotel. You have access to space company, concierge companies, maintenance companies and check-in services. The vast majority of condo accommodations are operated by big-name hoteliers like Ritz Carlton and Hilton, the consummate specialists as it pertains to customer service. The majority of the same companies available at their high-end accommodations are offered at their condo hotels.


Timeshares - Timeshares are observed in highly-desirable resort areas.

Residence Lodges - Residence accommodations may also be located in highly-desirable resort areas.


Timeshares - Costs for timeshares range considerably but are usually lower than condo resort rates since you're only getting 1 or 2 months of usage. In addition, you may not receive the revenue produced throughout the 50+ months your timeshare device is employed by others.

With timeshares, as much as 40%-50% of the purchase price visits sales commissions. Why will be the sales commissions therefore large? The creator must keep a large sales force in order to make approximately 50 sales for every single device (one for weekly of the year).

Residence Lodges - You receive deeded possession to the property. Although more costly, condo accommodations tend to give you more for your cash than timeshares. More of your dollar switches into "stones and mortar" supreme quality finishes not sales commissions.

In addition, when not utilizing your condo resort device, you are able to place it in the management's rental program and receive a percentage of the revenue it yields, helping to offset your maintenance fees and debt service.


Timeshares - You have the choice of leasing out your timeshare to some body of your selecting or putting it in a rental program if you choose to not utilize it during your assigned week. If you be involved in the rental program, you'll split the revenue produced with the property's management company. Recall, you're only leasing out the 1 or 2 months per year that you own.

Residence Lodges - Such as a timeshare, you have the choice of finding your own personal tenants or putting your condo resort device into the rental program. You could be involved in the rental program and get a percentage of the revenue it yields any time that you're not occupying your device, whether it be for just one evening or 365 per year.

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