Testosterone Replacement Therapy: When You Should Get Testosterone Injection

Low testosterone production is one of the common problems for many men who have reached 30 years old. Low levels of testosterone affect men’s sex drive, energy levels, mood, and even his sperm count. However, aging isn’t always the cause of low testosterone, there are so many factors that cause low testosterone level including hypogonadism or commonly known as Low-T.

Hypogonadism in males is a condition where the testicles aren’t able to produce enough testosterone; the condition could have started during fetal development when he was in his puberty, or during adulthood.

There are two types of hypogonadism – primary and secondary.

Primary hypogonadism is a result of underactive testes; this means the testicles aren’t able to produce sufficient levels of testosterone caused by an inherited trait, accident, and or illness.

• Inherited traits include:
o Undescended testicles
o Klinefelter’s syndrome
o Hemochromatosis

Damage of testicles include:
o Physical injury to testicles
o Mumps orchitis

Secondary hypogonadism is a result of damage to the hypothalamus or pituitary gland – parts of the brain that plays a critical role in the hormone production of the testicles.

• Inherited traits include:

o Pituitary disorders
o Kallman syndrome
o Inflammatory disease
o HIV/Aids


o Aging
o Obesity
o Medications

Are there ways to treat Low T or hypogonadism?

There are several ways to treat Low T, including lifestyle change. However, for conditions that can’t be treated through natural ways, such as the conditions in primary hypogonadism and the inherited traits in secondary hypogonadism, the Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is one of the recommended solutions in treating Low T.

Testosterone Injection is one of the recommended options in TRT. However, the treatment isn’t just for anyone to take advantage; men with the above-mentioned conditions, except for the acquired in secondary hypogonadism, is prescribed to get testosterone injection. Especially, teenage males who are suffering from hypogonadism, who aren’t getting the right level of testosterone for normal masculine development. You can view the website about testosterone injection and where to get it online.

Is it safe to purchase testosterone injection online?

Technically, you have to consult a licensed healthcare physician to get your testosterone level and your overall health checked before getting a prescription for testosterone injection. You can’t easily purchase the treatment online; this is to avoid misuse of the drug that can lead to irreversible health conditions. At this source you can purchase reliable and safe testosterone online; however, you have to follow the steps.

If you can purchase a testosterone injection online, are you allowed to administer it to yourself?

Testosterone injection is often administered by a licensed physician; however, they may allow you to self-administer the testosterone injection, which is typically at the thigh muscles.

Final Thoughts

Testosterone injection is a safe option to boost testosterone levels; however, this should be administered or used according to the physician’s recommendation to avoid irreversible health problems. There is a good place to order testosterone online if you are planning to purchase one vial of it. However, you have to consult a licensed physician first before purchasing a testosterone injection and find out if the treatment is the best for your current condition.

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