Qualities of a Great Mobile Notary Public that You Need to Look For

Do you seek the services of a notary public?

Looking for a notary public is challenging for a first-timer. If you have notarized a legal document before, you probably have a few notaries in mind to consider. But if none, this will serve as your guide in searching for an excellent notary public in LA county; here's a LA mobile notary that you should check out.

Mobile Notaries to Traditional Notaries

As you keep on browsing for possible options, you will notice the term mobile notary public. Take note that it is a type of notary public who performs similar functions to a traditional one but they can travel to different locations.

The keyword is mobile; hence, they can deliver notarization services to clients within the city. It is unlike traditional notaries, wherein you are the one who visits them in their office. Whether you want to meet them in a restaurant, at your home, or in the hospital, a mobile notary public will go to you.

What to Look for in a Mobile Notary Public?

Los Angeles is a big city. And anywhere within the city’s boundaries, you can find mobile notaries scattered here and there. Now, how can you ensure that you are dealing with the right mobile notary public?

A good way to start searching for an excellent mobile notary is to look for these qualities, found here.

1. Licensed Notaries

A legit notary public carries a notary license issued by the state. No person without a notary license can perform the duties of a notary public such as document execution, verifying the identification of signees, administering oaths, and completing notarial certificates on legal documents.

If a person who claims to be a notary public fails to present a license, think twice before dealing with them. Only choose a licensed notary public coming from a well-known firm.

2. Efficient and Professional

Choose a notary public who values professionalism and efficiency. It is one who knows his work and effectively administers it. Likewise, such notary public is adept at resolving issues for faster delivery of services.

One way to find out a notary public’s reputation is by reading reviews. There are online sources on the web wherein you can read feedbacks from their clients. For example, you can go to Yelp, search the name of the notary public (e.g. Rachel Mintz Mobile Notary Public) for more details about the person.

3. Quick Delivery of Services

An excellent mobile notary public respects any appointment with clients. The notary goes to the place of meeting on or before the schedule. They come prepared to assure everything will go smoothly and quick.

4. Friendly and Experienced

Dealing with a friendly and experienced licensed notary public is worth spending time and money. It is best to choose a notary who is well-known to have a friendly attitude, respectful towards clients, and have confidence in their abilities.


The above qualities of the notary public are a simple guide to help you figure out who to select. But if you still have no clue on who to choose, consider Rachel Mintz Mobile Notary Public in LA. You can find out more about them through Yelp and their official website.

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