Opinion Essay – Crucial Things to Know Before Writing Your Essay

If you are currently studying in universities or colleges, you might be required to write an opinion essay on a controversial topic. Since the essay will be based on your personal opinion, it should be the original one and can cover all things related to the given topic. Additionally, the composition of the essay could vary depending on your objective. It could be a long research paper, medium-sized speech, or a short letter. However, no matter the length of the writing is, it should cover the basic elements and steps. Find out all the important things to know to help you create an essay based on your opinion.

3 Main Steps to Complete

There are 3 basic steps in every opinion essay that you should complete. Here they are.

1.      Pre-Writing

In this pre-writing section, you need to gather the information that can be used to support your opinion. To do this, there are some basic questions that you should ask yourself:

•        What points should be conveyed in my essay?
•        What questions should I answer to formulate my writing?
•        Are there any contradictory points in the essay?
•        What do I expect from my students to know?

Then, you can organize your writing based on the answers you make. Be careful with the composition and think well what you will put in the beginning, main part, and the end of your writing.

2.      Writing

There will be three stages you should complete in this writing section. They are the introduction, main body, and conclusion. In the introductory section, you are required to present your subject. You also need to clearly state your opinion on this part. Meanwhile, the main body of the writing should contain evidence and examples that can support your thesis statement. It will be better if you divide your opinion essay into several paragraphs. Make sure that each of them covers a separate point of views which are supported by reasons. In the conclusion section, you should present a paragraph where you restate your opinion. However, make sure to use different words when creating the paragraph. Additionally, this is very important to avoid apologizing for the opinion you make or presenting a new idea in this section.

3.      Proofreading

This proofreading section is important to make sure that your writing is excellent. Check out the grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and capitalization used in the essay before you submit it to your counselor.

Easy Tips to Follow
To help you create an essay that is based on your personal opinion, just take a look at these following things.

•        Collect Research
The very first thing you need to do when creating an opinion essay is to conduct research. This is aimed to allow you to collect data and proofs that can support your opinion. However, there is an important role you need to follow when collecting research. This is very important to make sure that statements used to support your opinion match the type of your writing composition. This is because the evidence you collect can vary from observations to statistics of trustworthy. When writing the essay, you should also include both evidence and examples that can show a real understanding of the given topic. If there is any potential counterclaim, you should also include it in the writing. In this way, it is also important for you to understand the opposing arguments related to the topic.

•        Include the Previous Arguments Made for the Given Topic
If you are required to state an opinion about a controversial topic, there might some arguments that have been made before for it. This will be very helpful if you can look at the debated opinions made in the past and see how they will match yours. Just identify how the point of view you make is similar or different from the arguments made previously. This will help you to construct an essay with a strong argument.

•        Use a Transition Statement
If you want to show how your opinion will add or suggest to the statements have been made before, you should use this transition statement. This will help you to complete the faulty that found in the previous arguments. So, make sure to follow up with a statement that can help you to express your argument in more effective ways.

•        Include Supporting Evidence
Adding the supporting evidence is very important in your opinion essay. It can help you to back up your position. Make sure to avoid using emotional language in the writing and keep your tone as professional as possible. Using language that can express the accusation in the essay is intolerable.

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