Must-Have Watch Display Case from Pearl Time’s Collection

A watch box is a case wherein you can store your valuable timepieces inside. Some watch boxes can keep one watch. However, some have several slots and compartments that allow you to place more watches.

Storing watches in a proper case is better than keeping it inside a drawer without so much protection. A watch box will protect the item accessory from nicks and scratches. Likewise, it will save the watch from various elements, including moisture and dust.

Do you already have a watch display case?

If none, get a new watch display case right now.

Searching for a good quality watch case is not as simple as it looks. There are a few reminders and factors you have to consider, such as the boxes' size, material, and design.

Among the best-seller watch boxes in Australia is Pearl Time. This brand is quite popular because of its stylish and durable watch display case. You can view the website of My Treasure Box to see examples of their recent products.

Here the top-seller and most reviewed watch box collection by Pearl Time.

#1 Pearl Time 12 Watch Box Brown

This timepiece display case looks stunning in its brown piano finish. It works perfectly as a display and even as a gift.

It is a wooden box that measures 34cm wide x 20cm deep x 8cm high. It has 12 slots, wherein you can place your favorite watch collection. If you are worried about losing one of your pieces, there's no need to worry. This item has a gold keyhole with a tasseled key for extra security and safekeeping.

#2 Pearl Time 12 Watch Box Matt Black

If you are searching for something fancy and stylish, this watch box by Pearl Time in Matt Black finish will certainly suit your taste.

At one glance this watch box will catch your attention. The exterior of the elegant, but when you look inside, you’ll get more. It features 12 slots and has a glass lid. The glass allows you to survey the pieces quickly. Moreover, the cushioned interior adds protection to your timepieces.

#3 Pearl Time 6 Watch Box Cherrywood

Is a 12 slot watch box too much for you?

If yes, then check out this 6 slots watch box in Cherrywood by the same brand. The watch display case exterior is simple but stylish.

This watch box also features a glass lid. With this aspect, you can immediately find the watch you are looking for in one glance.

#4 Pearl Time Jewellery and Watch Box Cherry Tone

If you’ve got a watch and jewellery collection, there’s no need to buy two separate display cases. In this creation by Pearl Time, you can keep both of your collections without spending a lot of money.

This display case is a two-tiered box. The top compartment has several slots wherein you can place your accessories. When you pop up the top compartment, you will see more slots for your watches.

Which among these options would you prefer?

If you need more details, see this helpful site. Also, check this source for reviews.

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