How to distinguish the types of truck tires?

A thousand miles begins with a single step. For trucks, truck tires are its shoes. If you want the truck driver to drive smoothly and run fuel-efficient, then it is very necessary to choose the right tire. In this article, I will introduce you to the truck tire type. Help everyone choose the right tire for their own.

Radial tires and bias tires: The biggest difference between the two types of tires is the arrangement of the material in the middle of the tire. The meridian tire plies are vertically aligned like a meridian, and the oblique tires are arranged at an angle of about 45°. Compared with the bias tire, the radial tire has the following advantages:

1. Long service life;

2. Small rolling resistance and fuel saving;

3. Large carrying capacity and good adhesion performance;

4. Low tire temperature and fast heat dissipation;

5. The tread is not easy to puncture and is not easy to puncture.

There is no doubt that the advantage of the radial tire is quite obvious compared to the bias tire, so the application of the bias tire is now very small.

Nylon tires and wire tires: These two concepts are also referred to as ply, which is made of nylon, also known as nylon tire, and steel wire is made of steel wire. Since the ply is the main load-bearing unit of the tire, the strength of the steel wire is higher than that of the nylon tire.

There are tube tires and vacuum tires: We often say that vacuum tires are also called tubeless tires, which is better understood from the name. The vacuum tire has no inner tube. It utilizes the inner wall of the tire and the inner liner of the bead to ensure good air tightness between the tire and the rim, thereby replacing the role of the traditional inner tube, and the outer tube also functions as a inner tube. Compared to tube tires, vacuum tires have the following advantages:

1. Slow air leak and high safety;

2. Good heat dissipation and long life;

3. The weight loss is reduced and the fuel consumption is reduced;

4. Wear-resistant, suitable for long-distance high-speed driving.

At present, due to the serious overload of many heavy trucks in China, it is not particularly suitable for vacuum tires. However, with the gradual regulation of the special-purpose vehicle market, vacuum tires should be a trend in truck tires.

Through the above comparison, I believe that everyone should be able to distinguish the general type of tires. After understanding the above types, do you know how to buy the right tires? Need to remind everyone that many car dealers nowadays In order to reduce the price of the whole car, the cheaper bias tires will be used, and the bias tires are not suitable for use in many cases, so everyone needs to pay more attention to the details of the tires when buying the car, or checking the book trucks for sale by BIK Boom Trucks preferably to a more regular manufacturer.

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