How to choose a liquid for electronic cigarettes?

It is hard enough to abruptly abandon the long-standing smoking habit. Here, an electronic cigarette comes to the rescue of a person. The main advantage of this device is that it does not harm the body. By purchasing this device, it is important to know that you can not do without a special liquid.

The choice of liquid should be taken very carefully so as not to make a mistake with the strength (if there is little nicotine, an electronic cigarette cannot replace tobacco; if there is a lot of nicotine, the electronic cigarette will be too heavy and an overdose of nicotine is possible, which is unpleasant).

Vape selection criteria

Considering the considered classification of liquids for soaring, several basic conclusions can be drawn that will allow the beginning (and not only) vaper to choose the right liquid for himself correctly.

In particular, the first selection criterion is the nicotine content. It is important to understand for what purpose you decided to start soaring. If in order to get rid of nicotine addiction, you should first choose liquids with a nicotine content of more than 12 mg, and gradually, over the course of several months, bring the “strength” of the electronic cigarette to your minimum comfort (3 or 1.5 mg), after which you can switch (again gradually) to nicotine-free fluids.

If you do not plan to quit smoking, but want your habit to be less harmful to your health, just switch to electronic cigarettes with nicotine-containing liquids with a dosage of 12-18 mg. This will allow you to still receive the required dose of nicotine, but without harmful impurities, which will beneficially affect your health. Moreover, such a nicotine content does not cause a severe blow to the throat of the “smoker”, in contrast to higher concentrations.

Those who just like to release fragrant puffs of steam and relieve internal stress in this way are recommended to use exclusively non-nicotine slurries, experimenting with tastes.
As for tastes, specific recommendations cannot be made here, because each person is individual, as are his individual preferences. One thing to remember is that experienced vapers advise newcomers not to give up flavors that they allegedly dislike, because it is quite possible that a lover of fruit flavors will find something new for himself among tobacco flavors, etc.

Note that ego liquids, as well as joyetech products, represented by a variety of flavoring compositions, are popular among domestic vapers. These liquids have a low price and good quality, which became the key to their popularity. A wide selection of liquids for electronic cigarettes is presented on the page

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