Home Safer With Home Security Cameras

As one famous comedian put it, our homes are a collection of "stuff" we have collected over the years. It includes items such as appliances, clothing, movies, documents, and that novel we have been dying to read for a decade. We can put a monetary value on those items, depending on whether they are new or used, domestic or imported, and everyday or collectible. But even best digital peephole more important is the value that we place on our loved ones at home. After deciding to install home security cameras in your habitat, here are some steps to most effectively keep our homes safe 24-hours a day:

1. Use thief-proof automatic garage door opener

A garage door opener that opens and closes not only makes your life more convenient. It also helps to safeguard your home from burglars. But models that were produced prior to 1978 pose a security risk. Older garage door openers accept codes that the garage door's remote control sends. It then duplicates the code on a computer chip, and retransmits it, to open the door of the garage. The problem is that the garage door's code can be scanned and then activated.

On the other hand, on the newer automatic garage door openers, the code is altered after each time it is used. This prevents burglars from copying the code and then using it. It is relatively easy to substitute an older garage door opener, for a newer and more secure one.

2. Put in a door peephole

It is advisable that every solid exterior door have a peephole installed in it. That includes the door that leads to the garage. This allows you see who is outside the door, without being invisible to that person. Take a few simple steps to ensure that the right peephole is used, and that it is installed properly. Measure the width of every door, to purchase the right sized peepholes. Also, verify which sized drill bits you will need for the installation. And the peep hole should provide a minimum viewing range of 190 degrees.

3. Secure all windows and doors

Remember that roughly 80% of all thieves use a door to enter a home. So it is wise to make all exterior and garage doors more secure. Also, you could use a removable drop bar or foot lock to boost the effectiveness of sliding glass doors.

Window pins and crescent latches can also make double hung windows more secure. Both of these tools should be used together, to prevent thieves from breaking in through the windows.

Home security alarm systems are also effective in securing the doors and windows.

4. Secure video cameras to secure your home

Home security cameras are also an effective means to secure your home. Several types are available to suit your needs. Also, you can have them professionally installed, or take the do-it-yourself option.

Your home includes not only the things you have collected throughout your life, but more importantly, your loved ones as well. Using some basic techniques, such as home security cameras, can ensure that home is where your heart and "stuff" are.

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