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When Louis Althusser claimed that the bodies of court, policemen and criminal justice are nothing but a society's part of Repressive State Apparatus (RSA), he had clear justifications for it. The state has a set of rules and if somebody doesn't abide by them, he will be forced to be a part of that channel through the forceful implementation of the law. Such steps have been taken by the government to ensure that all its citizens are being able to avail equal rights and the law and order of the country are respected. A policeman has to take due care of this fact and help the common man with all his legal needs; but when the police start misusing its powers and laws, it becomes gravely difficult for the common citizens to lead a peaceful life. More specifically, police misconduct means performing forceful actions such as racial slurs, intentional harming of a victim and his family, sexual assault or attacking an inmate.

Fortunately, the U.S. country's constitution protects such victims through its fourth amendment in its set of laws. It states that it is a part of the citizens' general rights to be protected in their houses with their family and legal papers against unreasonable searches and seizures, and no warrants should be issued without any strong legal grounds. The primary function of a policeman is to save the innocent civilians, but sometimes, to fulfill their interests they misuse their powers and turn it against the people in whose surveillance they were eventually appointed. There can be several actions by the police that can be regarded as the "police misconduct" and they include false arrest, malicious prosecution without any probable cause, implementation of excessive force, racial profiling, tampering with the shreds of evidence of a crime scene to protect the interests of his favored, shooting an unarmed suspect and then all the other unethical behaviors.

As responsible citizens, we must always keep in mind that we must report any violation of the law, no matter how powerful is the accused. We can always take this case up to the court with assistance from the best lawyers near us who has a thorough knowledge of all the incidents going on around him/her so that our defense is strengthened. To prove crime against an officer-in-charge can be a bit more difficult for an ordinary man because of his entitlement to privileges and powers in the book of the law. They are very well aware of the clutches of law and their effective escapes, and to prove them wrong in such scenarios can be very difficult unless we are aided by the best lawyers. From the very beginning of the case, you must collect as much evidence as you can and get others to support you as well. Answer all the questions of the lawyer honestly so that the design to prove the accused guilty is full-proof and can serve justice for the right cause.

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