Christian Apparel: Leave a Lasting Impression

How many chances will you get for making a good first impression? Well, you only got one chance, just a single chance. If you happen to be a devout Christian, you surely want to make the first impression as Godly as possible. Every single person you meet, no matter where you meet them, and whatever time you actually meet them must be yet another great opportunity for you to give testament to your beliefs. Having said this, it is a must that you ensure that you have with you the armor of God. The armor of God, or in this case, Christian apparel are always worn with the word of God in mind. 

Just think of the impression you give off each time God sends someone new to your life. Will the first interaction you make serves as a testimony to His power and love? Do you have a well-kept appearance or do you look a bit slovenly? Do you dress the right way to attract the right type of attention? What do your appearance and your clothing say about the personal relationship that you have with Christ? If you ever get a chance to meet Jesus on the streets right now, will you feel proud of what your clothes have to say about your faith and belief? While it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should wear one of the Christian apparel online you got all the time, it is still a must that you are aware of how your fashion sense speaks about your Christianity.

A great way of evaluating the rightness of your clothing in Christ can take place right in the shop where you will get your shirt. Prior to getting any item of clothing, you first have to ask yourself about your true motivations for buying it. Do you intend to wear the item for drawing attention to your physical body or to yourself? Does it look immodest in such a way that it might end up getting the attention of the opposite sex which might not be Godly at all?

The Bible teaches you not to tempt other people through the clothes you wear.Women's Christian apparel are never made to be gaudy or revealing. Good thing that there are now a lot of options you can get that are modest and fashion forward at the same time. And the best thing is that you can get these with Bible messages if you want.

Conveying Christian messages through your bold christian apparel is such a wonderful way for spreading the word of God. However, this will only be effective if there will be no hypocrisy in the rest of your wardrobe or behavior. As much as possible, make sure that you guard your heart and mind from wrong messages, and let your men's Christian apparel do the talking every time you want to speak for God.

So, the next time you feel like expressing your love and devotion for God, don’t forget to shop for the best Christian clothing and give off the best first impression to others around you.

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