Brian Cunningham, founder and Executive Director of the Cunningham Venture Group

Brian Cunningham, founder and Executive Director of the Cunningham Venture Group Consulting Company, CVG Consulting Co., has vast experience in business development. He is a former professional athlete, business consultant, entrepreneur, and a life coach. His accolades and experience make him the right person to trust with your business. As a result of working in various important sectors, he has managed to create a successful and innovative team that ensures entrepreneurs are successful in their ventures and also businesses gain projected sales revenue. Before forming CVG, Brian had gone through a challenging life. However, he managed to create opportunities that made him successful in numerous areas, now with entrepreneurship. He managed to gather the experience during his journey to financial freedom and is now willing to share the knowledge with people and businesses.

Brian’s Cunningham Venture Group provides coaching, consulting, branding, and marketing services to businesses and individuals. They have worked with some of renowned people and firms to create solutions that are powerful, efficient,and interactive. In addition, Cunningham together with CVG create opportunities for individuals to achieve their goals and experience massive success. In its few years of operations, CVG has managed to develop 14 small businesses in 4 different countries, and are currently managing more than $3 million in sales revenues. More importantly, the people and companies they have worked with have managed to attain growth numbers up to 200%.
CVG Consultants are considered by many as problem solvers. They ensure companies grow to a higher level through effective marketing campaigns that create awareness and increase sales revenue. The company helps in boosting sales by generating vital leads within their network. CVG’s business solution to generate leads eliminates cold calling and ensures effective targeting and relationship building.

Some of the people they have worked with testify that they are in a better position because of the effort CVG put to help them grow. For example, Miami’s favored clean eating concept restaurant, DIRT Eat Clean, endorses CVG Consulting Co. and credits much of its growth and brand awareness in the community to their consultants. Serial entrepreneur, Tyler Mackechine is another client who worked with Brian and the CVG team. He enjoyed the process that the team took him through and accepts that he could see everything taking shape since all operations are strategic and detailed. Tyler was absolutely satisfied and now runs a successful business with all operations linked and easy to manage.

Finally, Cryptosumer Technologies also worked with Brian’s team. They confirm that CVG learned the industry and business model quite fast and helped create appropriate structures that assisted in improving their technology platform. Further, their marketing efforts were felt by the leads that were generated and materialized. Therefore, helping the firm adapt to the industry fast enough to seize available opportunities.
Brian and his Cunningham Venture Group team are talented and effective in all the tasks they undertake. They collect data, learn the market, and make efficient strategies that have proven to work in different companies operating in diverse industries. Furthermore, their marketing strategy is effective since it utilizes all available mediums and captures the right segment that help companies generate vital leads. As a result, Brian and the company are trusted by many for their excellent work culture.

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