2018 Must-Have Trending Bed Linen in Australia

Take out your worn-out and old bedding set. It could be the reason why you can't sleep well at night. If you are still using your duvet cover from five years back, now is the time to change it with this comfortable, high-quality and trendy quilt cover sets.

Australian Bedding store is one of the most trusted online linen bedding stores in Australia. Right here you can access the top bedding sets from well-known manufactures of bedroom accessories. Here are the trending bed linens in Australia that you should not miss.

Platinum Collection's Ascot White Quilt Cover Set

Design: This quilt cover set by Platinum Collection has a fresh and cool look. It features a snowy white color that brings out the elegance and classy character of your bedroom. Since the duvet cover has a neutral tone, you can match this product in any bedroom style.

Material: This quilt covers set features polyester and cotton fabric; the superior blend of these materials on the fabric results in a smooth finish and luxurious feel.

Thread Count: The thread count of this duvet cover is 250.

Sizes: You can find Ascot White Quilt cover set in single, double, queen, king and super king sizes.

If you are looking for a more stylish version of Ascot Quilt Cover Set, check this page out for Ascot Pewter Quilt Cover Set.

Logan and Mason’s Shoji Black Quilt Cover Set

Do you want to add some dramatic flair to your bedroom? The Shoji Quilt Cover Set by Logan and Mason’s is the perfect item for your stylish and sophisticated bedroom.

Design: This duvet cover set introduces a dramatic twist using a glamorous oriental inspired design. The front panel features hues of midnight black printed with a large-scale flower in grey and bright red. The bold combination of black and red can enhance the romantic mood of your bedroom.

Material: The fabric of this item is made from 100 percent cotton and polyester blend. The duvet is machine washable, yet you have to follow the care instructions indicated on its label.

Sizes: You can avail Shoji Black Quilt Cover set in queen and king sizes.

Ltd. Roma Pontoon Quilt Cover Set

The Roma Pontoon is a unique find in the market. This product is quite popular especially for individuals with an artistic side. Here are important details of the item.

Design: The Roma Pontoon features a trendy and refreshing design. The stunning hues of blues in swirls and whorls exude a cooling effect. The design of this product is inspired by tidal and ocean to invite a summery vibe and relaxing feel.

Material: This product features a cotton sateen print fabric. This material is what makes the fabric feel smooth and soft to the touch.

Sizes: This duvet is available in various sizes. You can choose from single, double, queen, king and super king. The whole set of this product includes a quilt cover and two standard pillowcases.

Do you want to find out more about the latest trend in quilt cover sets? See this helpful site for additional details right away!

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