Working in Marketing Careers

Marketing covers a wide range of business activities from sales management, marketing research and product management to advertising, consumer after-sales service and public relations. There is also a wide spectrum of marketing careers to choose from depending on an individual's professional education, training, experience, and personal preferences. This article will name a few of these many careers in marketing.

Generally speaking, the product and brand manager coordinates the efforts of every professional in the team to ensure the success of the product in its particular market. Thus, every step of the way from product packaging and branding to promotions and distribution falls into his hands. Working hand in hand with the research department are the new product development specialists. In many ways, these professionals are the front runners of the marketing industry careers. An individual must be proficient in various specializations ranging from chemistry to engineering.

Probably the most well-known of the marketing careers are the promotion activities for the simple reason that marketing is often equated with promoting the product. Career opportunities include marketing communications, which is an umbrella term for specializations like advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity and public relations, to name a few. Most of these jobs entail proficiency in oral and written communication as well as the ability to capture the attention of the target consumers.

And then there are the sales managers. These specialists are tasked with the formulation of forecasts and budgets, sales force organization and motivation, and sales performance evaluation. Individuals usually move up the ladder from supervisor to sales director careers. Market researchers are also valuable professionals in the field of marketing. The information generated by market researchers form one of the important bases for management decisions and, hence, the success of the overall marketing activities.

To succeed in any of the above mentioned marketing careers, an individual must possess the right education, training, work experience, and the right personality traits like being a team player with a capacity to think out of the box. Good communication and analytical skills are also desirable qualities.

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