What You Need to Know When Using Battery Powered Leaf Blower

When it comes to yard work, it is important to have the best leaf blower to keep your lawn clean and look great! That's why we have compiled a list of the best battery blowers on the market right now! Each of these leaf blowers is a top part of the device line that will enhance your lawn from normal to extraordinary! Having a battery-powered leaf blower is really necessary. Blowers often come with bulky extension cords that don allow you to complete the best work. You will often need to plug your leaf blower in different positions! With a battery-powered leaf blower, you never have to worry about annoying cord lengths!

Most leaf blowers have variable power switches. If you always have a fan on all energy, the battery will obviously drain faster. Learn how to use it. Just press the power button when you really blow the leaves.

When buying a cordless leaf blower, pay attention to the battery capacity, measured by Ah or Ampere Hour. The higher the number, the longer it will hold the charge.

Take care of your battery, even if you don't use them. During the cold months, store batteries in your home instead of in a warehouse. Batteries do not like cold and they will be damaged if they are stored in cold conditions for too long. This is the reason why car batteries always fail in the winter, never in the summer.

Another important point to note is never store your empty lithium-ion battery. Like humans, lithium-ion batteries do not like to go to bed on an empty stomach. After you use a battery powered leaf blower, remember to charge the battery before you store it. This has the added benefit of being charged and ready to go next time.

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