What Are The Security Threats To your iPhone And Android Devices?

Mobiles device are usually safer than desktops. But now there are numerous new threats which are targeting iPhone and Android devices. Today people are using their mobile phone for performing many tasks such as net banking, online shopping, etc. So, the criminal minds are now targeting iPhone and Android devices. If you want to protect yourself safe from any kind of hacking practice then you should take some safety measures for keeping your device away from hacker's eye. The best and most common method for protecting your device is installing a reliable security software program on your phone. provides numerous features such as Wi-Fi security, protective anti-malware blocker, anti-phishing web protection, ransomware protection and many more for providing good safety to your iPhone and Android devices. Here we have mentioned the common and harmful security threats to your mobile devices:

Phishing Attacks

Mobile devices are more prone to phishing attacks because people use their mobile phones every time. The cookies and history saved in the browser tell about people's interest and the hackers send an email or ad pop-ups similar to the interest as bait. Just a wrong click and your all personal information will be collected by the hackers. Before clicking any link; check the URL whether it is safe or not. If not then ignore it.

Data Leakage

Mobile applications can be a major source of data leakage. Many applications such as social networking sites, dating sites, online gaming sites, etc ask numerous details while signing-in. Some malicious sites store your data and sell it to the wrong hand. Always check the rating and reviews before downloading any application. If the application has few poor ratings and fewer downloads then never install it. Never use your primary email for signing in to any SNSs or dating sites. Create a secondary email account which should be not connected to your any important account for signing-in in SNSs.

Unsecured Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is like free ice-cream in hot summer. Wherever we see public Wi-Fi; we quickly close our cellular data and uses the free hotspot. But is that safe? NO! Public Wi-Fi is a home for hackers, criminal minds and spammers. They can enter in your device through the network and access your confidential and personal information. If you want to stay safe then avoid public Wi-Fi. Never use public Wi-Fi for any task which requires confidential information such as net banking, online shopping, etc.

Network Spoofing

Network spoofing is getting very common these days. Hackers create fake access points which seem genuine such as the name of a coffee house, library, etc. While connecting to the Wi-Fi; users have to create an account. People enter their email address or phone numbers for creating the account and all the data get captured in hacker's device. Never connect to any public Wi-Fi and if you want to then never enter your personal email address for creating the account.

There are numerous threats lurking around our device and network such as broken cryptography, spyware, trust-jacking, etc. But prevention is always better than cure. Take a few prevention measures and secure your device and your confidential data from all cybercriminals.


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