Vexa Global: Legit Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment Opportunity

Vexa Global specializes in providing financial analysis and creating analytical tools for the forex market. Founded in the year 2015, the company has been serving this industry with outstanding services and a proactive approach. The year 2016 proved to be a ground-breaking year for Vexa Global when it entered the blockchain technology sector.

As the blockchain sector had taken the global financial world by storm, the company wanted to learn about cryptocurrencies and obtain a deeper understanding of the market so that it can help investors. The company invested in cryptocurrencies which also helped to multiply its capital and led towards the development of advanced tools for traders and crypto users.

The company extended great support to all the start-ups and were looking out for companies that had high ROI.

Meet the team

Led under the outstanding leadership of Thomas Alvec who is also the CEO of the company, Vexa Global is known for having a team that specializes in information technology (IT), internet of things and experienced developers. There are also dozens of engineers, marketing specialists and experienced traders, and some are also working remotely.

The team does not want Vexa Global to be recognized as a mere platform which provides specialist solutions. The vision is to let Vexa Global emerge as a Company that is operated by technology enthusiasts who are passionate about their work. They also want to help as many people as they can to adapt to new technologies and learn about them.

More about the CEO Thomas Alvec

Thomas Alvec is known for his contributions as an external consultant since 2014. His fresh concept of introducing new and unique infrastructure to support digital currencies and empower entrepreneurs on a global level earned him a great deal of respect and appreciation amongst business fraternity. He has also supported several major start-ups with some reaching the top 100 industry list.

Alvec has aims to provide an ecosystem to facilitate faster integration for business entities, commercial organizations, and individuals. This will further allow companies to work on their future prospects by accelerating development and marketing.

Moreover, the young CEO believes that they will play a pivotal role in technology adoption. Vexa Global is currently working on several projects to produce an ATM network in collaboration with its partners to help companies embrace the technological changes positively. They are also looking forward to building a next-generation platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

The developers are building enterprise solutions powered by AI on the blockchain technology and will help the Company to introduce their own digital wallet and token to ease current operations.

Further, the Company understands that increasing awareness amongst its partners about blockchain technology will help contribute towards the worldwide adoption of web 3.0 projects and utilities. Three years ago, Alvec introduced the very first ATMs in the United States which allows people to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Why Vexa Global?

The reason to choose Vexa Global is many. Firstly the leadership has a lot of international exposure in terms of experience and promotion of new products along with the experience of the launch of ICOs and IPOs. Global Parnter LLC is part of the brand being the investment and the management company.

Secondly, the platform is much more user-friendly as compared to others. The reason is that the platform is made to facilitate new investors or those who do not invest frequently. So the user does not have to face any difficulty.

Further, the Company is known for its transparency in its dealings. Clients can ask for any information and they are not left to wait for it. The entire portfolio can be made available to them along with attribution reports. Investment managers are also available on need-basis.

Products offered

1) Cryptocurrency ATM

The cryptocurrency ATM allows customers to use their cash or debit cards to purchase cryptocurrency. Some ATMs allow both purchase and sale of cryptocurrency although there are some situations that require the users to have an account ready for the transactions.

2) Exchange

The team at Vexa Global worked to build a robust and ready to scale decentralized cryptocurrency exchange solutions tailored to meet all the requirements of traders and general cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This online platform makes it easier to trade in crypto-flat and crypto-crypto pairings. The types of exchanges are:

i) Trading transactions: these are the websites connecting buyers and sellers while also charging a fee per transaction.

ii) Direct trading:  These platforms offer direct trading person to person where individuals from different countries are able to exchange currency. Direct trading exchanges do not have a fixed market price, each seller sets their own exchange rate.

iii) Brokers - are websites which anyone can use to buy cryptocurrencies at a price set by the broker. Cryptocurrency brokers are similar to foreign exchange dealers. The aim is to provide the best solution for all customers starting from regular customers, traders and big brokers.

3) Token

Vexa Coin is an open-source cryptocurrency that aims to provide users with a high level of privacy. Vexa Coin uses the CryptoNight Proof of Work algorithm, designed for CPU and GPU digging. The block size is adjusted by a special algorithm, depending on the demand and transaction fees are calculated by the algorithm. This prevents the centralization of mining and allows Vexa Coin to be used by anyone.

4) BOT

The highly advanced arbitrage bot is capable of working 24 hours, doing all the hard work conducting the arbitrage process for the users. Arbitrage means taking advantage of differing prices for the same asset simultaneously buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms.

With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) this bot was made using servers that track global data of global exchanges and store them in databases to be used Ann server to provide various details of the Crypto & Blockchain World.


The Company has partnered with one of the largest payment agents in the world to allow our partner to make deposits via Bitcoin direct using the customer’s card.

This product came into being after Bitcoin gained popularity and was used by many businesses for payments. International payments can be made through this along with Guaranteed payments, and no chargebacks. Moreover, there is no risk of exchange rate volatility while also being fast and secure.

The future for Vexa Global

Blockchain is an emerging sector and many businesses can derive benefits from it. This is because businesses are searching for solutions that can help to enhance their operations and help them gain a competitive advantage.

But incorporating blockchain technology can be a daunting task. So there is a need for experts which can help make adoption easier. In the future, the banking sector will benefit most from this technology. This is due to the nature of blockchain databases which are secure and transparent. It is also helping in reducing the possibilities for record-keeping errors as well as make transactions faster and cheaper for banks due to their decentralized aspects.

The easy to use aspect of blockchain technology without having to depend on third parties makes it feasible for managing personal finance and payments. An individual with an internet connection can create a digital currency wallet and carry out transactions on a blockchain without caring about regulatory oversight or any geographical restrictions. This will ultimately lead towards the further geographic expansion of blockchain technology, and contribute to, bringing banking to developing nations.

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