Top 6 Features of a Bulletproof Car

Owning the different model of cars is a passion or a hobby for the few wealthier class big boys. The varied models of luxurious cars feature several things loved by the car lovers. Safety, comfort, and durability are the three major concerns a buyer is particular about when booking high-end class of cars. When it comes to safety, a bulletproof car is the best choice for everyone.

There has been a remarkable increase in the demand for bulletproof cars because of the increased risk of attacks on high profile people and politically exposed leaders. For the people concerned for their safety against unexpected attacks of any type, bulletproof cars are the best choice. You can explore online for more information on the irresistible features.

A bulletproof car is a specially designed category of cars offering the required safety. Let us here understand the top six features in a bulletproof car that are highly considerable:

1. 360 Degree Bulletproof protection

It is amidst the most important feature of a bulletproof car. The armor kit is designed in such a way that it safeguards the passengers from the attack of hand granites, ammunition, and bullet. It includes the usage of the armored bulkhead with gun port. The gun port helps to face attacks. It provides the protection to the car from the six sides such as front, back, roof, floor, doors, and walls of both the edges.

2. Transparent Bulletproof glass

The bulletproof glasses are known as ballistic glass. It stops the bullet coming in touch with the car glasses. In the bulletproof glasses, there are two layers of transparent plastics. The plastic layers are made of polycarbonate that makes it strong and transparent. The bulletproof glasses come in different thickness and it can be used as per the customer safety need.

3. Blast Proof Floor

The car floor also keeps great importance and hence due care is taken to ensure its safety. A blast-proof floor protection is armored steel connected to the vehicle floor. The blast-proof floor provides protection from the attacks by hand grenade.

4. Run Flat Tires System

The Run Flat Tires System features the car control with one or more flat tires. It avoids the need for the current tire change and increases the vehicle speed. It facilitates easy movement in the condition of ballistic attacks also. The run flat tires fitted in a vehicle features 90 km per hour speed in the condition of puncture also and can cover the distance of about 320 km. It helps to escape unexpected attacks.

5. Brake System Upgrade and Upgrade Suspension

To overcome the problem of overweight, the OEM brake pad and rotor disk are upgraded. Rotor and disk brake increases the capacity of brake and meets the need of emergency brake. Additionally, the upgrade suspension facility is obligatory to compensate the additional weight of a car. The suspension upgrade provides driving advantages in accidental driving conditions.  

6. Bullet Catcher

This is an armoring process in which ricochet of bullets is caught on the overlap panel of windows. This armoring process is very effective in angle shots. It also proves of great use and plays vital role in offering the additional safety of bulletproof cars. 

There are many other attractive features in bulletproof cars to provide the complete safety solution to the users. It can be further customized and upgraded according to the personal need. For the celebrities and elite class of the personalities looking for the worry-free travel from one place to another, the exclusive range of bulletproof cars is strongly recommended. 

The above discussed top six features will surely help you in taking the quick decision of booking a bulletproof car today.

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