Network Camera: You’re Security Partner

Everyone has a very busy schedule and can’t be available everywhere to keep an eye at each and every activity going on there. To make things easy for everyone network cameras were invented. Using these cameras you can be aware of each and every activity going around you and in your absence as well.

When the camera and computer are put together in a particular unit then that is called a network camera. Network cameras operate at places where a network connection is available for them. There are various components included in network cameras such as an image sensor, processors, memory and lens. Network cameras have their personal IP address the same way as the computers have.

There Are Several Benefits of Installing Network Cameras Such As
You can govern your distant location from anywhere and always keep an eye on what is going on there.

Network cameras work with the internet connection and hence you can easily send images and videos anywhere using network cameras.
Network cameras help you in extracting good quality images from videos through progressive scanning.

You have full control over the resolution and frame rates and set them according to your convenience.

Network cameras serve high-quality security feature as soon as any suspicious activity is detected it immediately warns you.
Network cameras are very easy to install as they require a very less electrical system

Types of Network Cameras:

Fixed Network Cameras: fixed network cameras view in a particular direction and have a permanent motorized zoom lens. You can clearly make out that at which direction the fixed camera is focusing on.

Fixed Dome Network Cameras: a fixed camera enclosed in a dome shape design is known as a fixed dome network camera. They also have a motorized lens. You can make them point in any direction of your choice. Because of the dome shape design, it is very difficult to make out that at which direction the camera is pointing to.

Covert Network Cameras: these cameras are very hard to locate that where they are placed and they are enabled to take very close up shots also. No one can fiddle with these cameras as they are very small in size and are placed at a very secretive location. For example the camera in an ATM machine.
PTZ Network Cameras: these cameras cover a very wide area and you can keep an eye over a vast area with a single PTZ network camera. These cameras have additional features such as tilt, zoom, and pan and the commonly used PTZ camera is PTZ dome.

Thermal Network Cameras:  These cameras shoot images in black and white in color and to see these images clearly you have to artificially color the images. They are best suited to detect people in various surrounding fluctuations such as darkness, smoke, dust, heat, shadow etc. These cameras were primarily used for serving military purposes.

You can buy the best selling network cameras in India and make you’re surrounding safe and secure for yourself and your dear ones. Network cameras are very helpful in serving a security purpose. You can install network cameras for your home and keep an eye at your home so that no one causes any kind of harm to your property and near and dear ones.

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