Neon signs, love them or hate them, they are making a comeback

Marketing geniuses always try to follow out of the box ways to advertise their brands. And the race of being stands out in the massive crowd has led innovations in the marketing fields. You might have seen big billboards, advertisement banners, and stylish logos or signs.

In this department of advertisements, the signs play a pivotal role. They have been playing a major role in uplifting a business brand for years. One of the biggest ways to advertise their brands and showcasing their presence is neon signs.

You would see many storefronts displaying their brand name in Neon signs.

Neon signs, although may have been around as early as 1904, they were at the peak of popularity in the 1980's era. This was the time when every bar, hotel, and storefront was using this cutting edge technology to make its statement. But, with the commencement of a new century in the 2000s the trend became less appealing.

Less expensive ways of marketing started to pop-up and the world started using LED Signs. LEDs were the great alternative to the NEO Signs as they consume less energy, are less expensive to purchase and they can be placed anywhere. They don’t give off the same buzz noise that traditional neon did, so they are even growing in popularity for home décor, or in office design features.

Again, the time is taking the major shift and people again are starting to fall in love with Neon style signs. The reasons could be that now they are not made of glass and gasses, they are fully customizable. They could be a business logo, child’s name, party prop, an outline of a pet, a piece of food and the colors available are expansive. The only limitation is imagination.

The LED signs are hard to beat. The LED signs were custom made, and installing them was akin to changing a bulb at home. They are user-friendly, and people found them a lot less expensive than neon, and above all they are environmentally friendly.

It is possible in the near future; the government might ban using traditional neon signs for advertisements.

So, lots of people, especially the environmental enthusiasts might not love Neon signs owing to many reasons, but I would say hate them or love they are definitely making a comeback.

If you look on social media, you will find so many photographs using neon signs as their back drop. From wedding props, to DJ booths, kids bedroom décor, announcing an engagement. It’s this social media love affair that seems to be driving the popularity. 

 But, you need to be very careful when using neon signs, especially if placing them on the storefront or anywhere else as they are made of glass they can be prone to break easily.

They might be good in making you stand out in the crowd, but the other aspect of them cannot be utterly neglected. They are subject to emit carbon footprint, and you should not install them within a home.

Neon signs are fun, aesthetically pleasing and can be seen from a great distance away. They can positively change the outlook and ambience of a business, but it might be worth considering the LED alternative if you are jumping on the neon bandwagon.



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