Leverage Your Career in Big Data: Become a Certified Associate Big Data Analyst Today

It may be hard to imagine today, but there was a time, not too long ago when data analysts were relegated. But this may not be the case today. Big data is thriving in the business world. Consequently, it has now become an integral part of the corporate DNA.

Caroline Carruthers, director at consulting firm Carruthers and Jackson, former chief data officer of Network Rail says, “while organizations have spent the past few years focused on data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI), the pendulum may be swinging back to analytics.” And it is on everybody’s radar today.

Everybody almost took their eyes off analytics due to the whizz-bang things such as AI and machine learning. But hey, the pendulum is swinging back to analytics and organizations are growing their analytics capabilities at a rapid clip. As organizations are getting digitally transformed, data also becomes crucial for these businesses.

Let’s talk about the employability rate in the big data sector: -

A data analyst role is in huge demand.

  • By 2020, data analysts will be among the most sought-after job role in companies around the world predicts the World Economic Forum.
  • In April, IDC predicted the revenues for big data and business solutions to hit $189.1 billion (€173 billion) this 2019.
  • The same report also predicts a double-digit score by 2022.

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What do budding big data aspirants need on their portfolio?

According to Indeed, these are the key skills that are in demand by the industry: -

  • Scripting
  • SQL
  • Stata
  • Machine Learning
  • Python and R programming
  • Tableau
  • SAS
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Potential employers seek for an electric mix of skills, and experience is the key to getting noticed when looking for big data analyst positions.

Usually, employers also look for candidates who are good communicators. Everything on the portfolio should be without a single mistake. Candidates having skills beyond education such as associate big data analyst certification can be an added advantage.

A mix of data analytics skills is rare and is growing exponentially. Individuals with the right set of skills can demand huge salary compensation. The right associate big data analyst certification from the right certification body can help.

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) offers one of the world’s greatest foundation for data analysis. DASCA is a fantastic certification body in itself providing 3rd party and vendor-neutral certification programs earning recognition worldwide.

A condensed version of what you earn from this program: -

o DASCA’s Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™) – a curriculum that truly shines for business school students graduating from fields such as applied mathematics, economics, and statistics.

  • Online learning and preparation resources.
  • E-lab for practicing and documenting researches.
  • Due to its advanced nature, you will have hands-on experience with the latest industry trends.

There’s never been a better time to learn big data and enter the workforce as an associate big data analyst today.

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