HP Printer won't connect to wifi | How to Fix it

When your HP printer won't connect to WiFi, first of all ensure that you are trying to connect it with router and not extender.

Once you are sure about it, stay tuned to fix HP printer no WiFi error.

Will the post help you?

The answer is YES, if you want to connect your earlier installed wireless HP printer with the new router or ISP.

In case, you are looking to connect HP printer with the old network, keep reading the post for solution.

So, with no more fuss- let's get started!

Troubleshoot HP printer won’t connect to Wifi error

Whether you own a printer with touch screen display or without any screen, the guide has solution for all.

So, pick your category below and fix your HP printer Wi-Fi connection.

Do this before troubleshooting:

Sometimes, Printer Offline status also don’t allow HP printer to connect with WiFi.

Therefore, check your printer status from Control panel or device Settings. In case, you see the status as offline- see the steps to resolve HP Printer Offline Error.

Solution: Resolve Touch screen HP printer wifi connection error

To build a connection between HP printer and router wifi, here is what you need to do:

1. Go to Printer home screen and press the wireless icon on HP printer to access Internet settings.
2. Navigate to setup option-> Restore network settings and choose YES to confirm the action.
3. Once your printer network settings are restored, go back to the previous page and check the list of available networks.
4. If you can find the name of your router on the list, select and connect it.
5. In case, you can't see any network name on HP printer network list, enter new network name and type the network password.
6. If your Wi-Fi successfully connects to HP printer on the list then, you can see a solid blue light on Control panel.

Need more help? - Check advanced solution in guide: HP printer won’t connect Wi-Fi and resolve your error.

Solution: Fix Internet connection for HP printer with no Display

Do you own a very old type of HP printer with no display? Does your HP printer refuse to connect over the network? Then, here's your solution:

1. Connect your HP printer via WPS process to router.
If your router doesn't support WPS then, connect your HP printer with its compatible smart app.
2. Then, build a temporary USB connection from your computer to HP printer so; it can indirectly connect with wireless network.
3. Next, open on the browser window of your printer and go to Utilities-> Printer setup-> Reconfigure wireless settings.
4. Follow as said on computer to change the network settings and type in the network password, when asked.
5. Once the printer connects to wireless network, you will see solid blue light on HP printer.
6. To check and confirm HP printer connection over the wireless network, print a wireless network report.

Hope the steps help you resolve HP primer wife connection error.

In case, HP printers still don’t join the wireless network on router then, refer guide: How to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi for more easy solution.

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