Equicex Virtual Cards: What They Are And What They Are For

Some of the data confirm something that many already intuit, and that online shopping has become an essential channel for many consumers. Buying online involves online payment and, in many cases, providing bank details to a third party to pay for purchases made can be a bit uncomfortable. For this reason, maintaining the security of bank accounts and cards has become a prerequisite for the functioning of payment systems. In this sense, virtual cards offer extra security for online purchases.

Equicex Virtual cards are a means of payment, such as physical debit or credit cards, but they have a series of differentiating characteristics :

1. You can create them through your Electronic Banking and you will be able to make purchases online or by phone.

2. They allow you to keep your real banking information separate from your online purchases, so paying with them always provides greater security.

3. It is a useful and practical card, since you are the one who manages it, and it is also free. You can hire it at the same time you are making the purchase, cancel it at any time, and consult and control all the movements you want to make.

4. You can create it with the balance you want, even for the exact amount you need to make your purchase.

Why are Equicex virtual cards a safe option to operate on the Internet?

An Equicex virtual card is a safe option to operate on the Internet because it provides confidentiality, since, at the time of providing the data to make the purchase, your bank details are not directly, neither from the account nor from the physical cards you have, so that they remain safe.

When creating a virtual card, you are provided with a card number, with an expiration date and a control number, which are the basic data that is requested to make a purchase through the network. But these data do not correspond to any of your ordinary banking data, so in any case, they can be stolen and you can make your purchases without distrust.

How to make a purchase with your Equicex virtual card?

The mechanism is very simple and is exactly the same as if you made it with a physical card. Once you have chosen what you want to buy, you will only have to enter the numbering of your card, the CVV and the expiration date. All these data will appear exactly on the screen next to the creation of your virtual card.

In addition, you can create as many Equicex virtual cards as you need to make purchases and each of them with the amount you decide. In this way, in each operation, you will have a different card and with it, you will increase the security of your online purchases even more.

And you ask yourself if I have not finally spent the entire amount I had set on the Equicex virtual card, do I have to do something? Only the amount of the purchase you have made is charged and not the total balance that appears on your virtual card. Once you do not need it, you can cancel it. In addition, since it is not a physical card, in case you suspect that someone may know your data, you can cancel it yourself through your electronic banking.

Finally, before creating your Equicex virtual card, do not forget that the expiration date is chosen by you. Once the date arrives, the card will be automatically canceled.

An important issue you must bear in mind is to check, before paying for your online purchases with your virtual card, if the merchant requires you to physically present it to receive the product or service that you have purchased. And, the virtual card is not a physical card so you can not provide it as such. In these cases, you can make your purchases secure in the network using a prepaid card, which we will talk about in another post.

As you can see, the virtual card is a simple means of payment, practical to use and that will give you the necessary security to make your purchases online with complete peace of mind.

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