Entrepreneurship Growth in Latin America

Entrepreneurship is a volatile journey, which unlike the movies has no beginning, no intervals, and no endings. You know never know how high you will rise or high deep you will fall. The only thing that helps you grow is your hope, hard work and of course the right environment for doing the business along with the assistance of right professional team just like the Biz Latin Hub that helps you start your business from zero level.

So how it would be like to start your entrepreneurship journey here in Latin America, what’s the growth in entrepreneurship in Latin America, how to start a successful business in Latin America? All your questions will meet pristine answers here…

About Latin America:

Latin America is a world’s fastest growing region, offering growth-driven jurisdiction for enthusiast entrepreneurs who’re passionate to establish their businesses. It’s completely a changed region now than its comparison in 90’s. Now it’s even easier to do a business here.

Latin America is a group of countries in-housing (20 countries). In contrast, the government in America, such as Colombia, is enforcing the more easy-to-understand laws that completely support entrepreneurs.

On the other sites countries like Chile, Venezuela & Mexico, comprise some government programs that optimistically motivate the young guns to become entrepreneurs through microcredit given to the entrepreneurs.

Support by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) support

The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) has continuously been working for over 15 years to shore up young entrepreneurs to help them shape up their new business ideas and projects into a sustainable business.

Through their “The Talent and Innovation Competition (TIC Americas)”, programs, YABT so far has supported over 25, 000 young entrepreneurs from more than 50 different countries. Also, it has provided a remarkable technology support to push their business forward after their 9 editions by giving a complete access and a full-fledged technical support.

Latin America- an investors’ choice

In the recent years, investors have shown their huge interest in Latin American and have fully recognized the opportunities. You will be glad to know that, while the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment worldwide fell 18% in 2012, FDI to only Latin America grew by 7% which is a great thing for the future entrepreneurs.

Support by the United States

The United States as of now is the important commercial partner of Latin America by exceeding more than $635 billion in trade which is four times more with China. Asia too, in past couple of years, has established firm growth and aggressive development of trade relations with Latin America.

Tons of Regional Opportunities

Mexico in Latin America is rising high with its political goal of 6% growth per year, Panama is also growing by leaps and bounds, while Peru is another rising star with the lowest inflation rate in the region.

So all and all, Latin America is more like a Pink ocean for the forthcoming entrepreneurs, so go take a dive and get some big fishes.

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