Craigslist tips from the police force

The police force has most certainly dealt with a lot of trouble concerning Craigslist transactions gone wrong. The usual case is that innocent sellers become robbery victims or naïve buyers are defrauded. Luckily, the Police Department of Huntsville has had enough and issued their own list of tips for Craigslist shopping.

These tips will hopefully help in lowering down the prevalence of crimes related to Craigslist.

When Searching for Items

Be cautious when buying/selling high value items

High valued items mean high return in case of fraudulent transactions. Therefore, when dealing with this kind of items, make sure that you double check and have verified all the information that has been relayed to you such as the authenticity of the item, the credibility of the seller, and the reasonableness of the price.

  1. If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is

It’s a common practice for seller to sugarcoat their words. Be on the look out if the description written for an item is really what it is or those words are purely merchant’s talk. Try to look for other listings of a similar item as well to ascertain whether or not the descriptions are true.

  1. Insist to meet at a public place such as a police precinct

When you have found the right buyer/seller and have agreed to a price, set up a meeting in a public place. Usual places for such meet ups are coffee shops, restaurants, and malls. But you can opt to meet at the police precinct for an added security, literally.

During the Sale

  1. Do not meet in a secluded area

As mentioned earlier, meet in a public place where there will be witnesses and persons that can come to your aid. It is also a red flag when the buyer/seller wants to meet in a secluded area.

If s/he does, insist on meeting in a public area and walk away when s/he says no. On the same vein, meet during broad daylight.

  1. Don't go alone

Bring a buddy with you in every transaction if it’s possible. Also bring cellphones with you in case of emergency. If, worst case scenario, a buddy cannot go, then make sure that someone knows who you will be meeting and where.

  1. Do not invite strangers into your home, and do not go to theirs

Never ever invite strangers into your home. If you need a heavy item to be picked up, then give all your effort to at least put the item out in the driveway or sidewalk, areas where your neighbors can see and hear you.

On the other hand, do not go into anyone’s home. Insist on meeting in the front of their house if the items cannot be hand-carried to a certain meeting place.

Aside from the tips above, trust your instincts. It is easy to sell your iPhone for cash on Craigslist but some things are bound to raise a red flag along the way and when they do, be doubly cautious when dealing with the person or just walk away from the transaction.

There are others out there who are willing to buy/sell without jeopardizing your safety.



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