B6Z Files Explained in Plain English

To decompress your B6Z files, use B6Zip, a free download for MacOS.

B6Z is the most powerful method for compressing files.  For those familiar with ZIP files, B6Z archives work in much the same way.  B6Z files are archives which contain one or more files inside of them compressed and sometimes also encrypted.  B6Z files can also be split into multiple smaller chunks allowing them to be sent over emails or internet postings which limit max file sizes.  Split B6Z files can be reassemble with B6Zip.

On the web, B6Z is used to compress large files.  It has become necessary to compress files down to as small as possible so that users can get their files faster and without wasting bandwidth.  This is why B6Z files were invented and have become the standard for file archiving around the world.

Think of a B6Z file as a thumb drive that you can store any of your files onto just like it was on your computer, except without the storage limit and with automatic compression and encryption built in.  You want to give your friend your thumb drive with all the different files and folder saved on it.  The digital equivalent to this is to save them all inside of a B6Z file using B6Zip.  You can always add and remove files out of a B6Z archive as you please.

Sometimes you will want to email your friend a big group of files that you are working on, perhaps a science fair project with dozens of word documents and images.  Instead of painstakingly attaching each individual file, you can instead just B6Zip the files into a single file archive and then simply send that one file.  Not only that, but you can add a passphrase to enable encryption to the file so that no one else will be able to extract the contents except you and your friend.

This may seem a bit on the elaborate side, but once you use B6Z you will understand immediately how to use it.  From time to time you will have to of course download some new software and learn new things to stay current with the latest file archive methods.

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