All you need to know about Plastic surgery

The demand of plastic surgery is growing with the passage of time. This is quite natural, as many people want to look aesthetically flawless. Despite the high level of services provided in the field of plastic surgery, the risk of surgery remains. Successful doctors use the special equipment and end prostheses of proven manufacturers, but the issues of reducing the risk of manipulation also depend on the patient.

In most cases, all plastic operations take place without any unpleasant consequences. However, there are categories of patients who have an increased risk of complications. The following are the main situations where you should exercise an increased level of caution.

  • Long-term smokers. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, and cause decrease in blood supply to the operated areas.
  • Obese patients. It is this problem that leads many people to plastic surgeons. But increased weight provokes undesirable complications of the cardiovascular system.
  • Polyvalent allergies. For a plastic surgeon, such patients present a particular danger, since it is impossible to predict in advance accurately which drug will develop an allergic reaction.
  • Customers who have done many plastic surgeries. In this case, the amount of subcutaneous tissue with scar tissue increases.
  • Patients are suffering from comorbidities. It is no secret that doctors are trying to help each patient. However, the presence of diabetes, myocardial or other chronic illnesses


increases the risks of any operation, including in the field of plastic surgery. But even if the patient is not at risk, the possibility of unwanted reactions cannot be excluded entirely. However, the skill of the surgeon and time-tested medical equipment and implants always minimize the danger.

What cannot be saved? How to guarantee a good result of plastic surgery? How to choose good surgeon. What questions should be asked a plastic surgeon, before you decide to go to him under the knife?

What can be advised:

  • Be careful of aggressive, annoying ads that promise to solve all problems quickly and cheaply;
  • At the sites of many plastic surgery clinics, there are informational articles on resolving various aesthetic issues. After reading them, you will have a definite idea of how to solve your problem individually;
  • visit several clinics, clarify the official side of the relationship between clinics and the patient;
  • consult with several plastic surgeons, try to get complete information on solving your problem;
  • make an analysis of the information received, think and make a decision, the main thing is that you have confidence in the clinic, the surgeon and the confidence that you will not be left in an awkward moment.

There are many questions about plastic surgery. However, there is one that worries everyone:
how much does it cost? Fortunately, every difficult question always has a simple answer. …$. There is no limit to perfection, according to many clients of plastic surgery centers. The choice of lovers of human-made beauty today is - only in there are a dozen clinics of aesthetic medicine working.

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