Advantages of using a LAN messenger

Communication is one of the top most priorities of all business organizations. Whether you belong to any industry, nature of business or type of company, having an efficient as well as an effective communication system is essential for the achievement of objectives and goals. This is the reason that top managers are willing to spend lots of money and efforts on development and implementation of a good communication function within the organization as well.

Communication has been revolutionized:

With the advent of technological devices and gadgets, means of communication has become easy and fast. Living in the age of information and technology the first advantage that people get from various technological breakthroughs is a fast mode of conveying messages. Unlike the past, you do not have waits hours or even minutes. Contacting anyone anywhere through satellite and internet technology is convenient and widely available to almost every person in the world.

What are LAN Messengers?

There are various types of communication hardware and software available in the market these days. Over the past few years, there has been an influx of a large number of messengers and communication programs into the market. One such very productive and efficient communicative system is the LAN messenger. There are various types of LAN messengers available in the market but Softros LAN messenger is one of the best.

Before we look at the advantages and importance of LAN messengers, let us first see what it is all about. A LAN messenger is an open source communicative network that is available to its users free of cost. It has the capability to work on various platforms and provides instant message services. But like the name suggests it is mostly available on a local area network or within a company. It works without any servers. You can get a number of important services like messaging logs, file transferring facility and prompt notification system.

Advantages of LAN Messengers:

There are various benefits and advantages that organizations can get by the installation of an effective LAN messenger. Some of these advantages have been described below:

  • Employees can communicate with each other through this system
  • It comes with a centralized contact list that helps keep employees in close contact without interference from the outside world
  • Only company employees and authorized personnel can access the system
  • Messages can be sent without any limitations of word count
  • Messages can be formatted according to your own likes and preferences
  • You can send group messages for discussion purposes
  • Broadcasting messages are allowed by administrators for quick flow of important messages
  • Unlike public messengers a LAN messenger provides more safety and security for messages, most of the information and data provided on this
  • system is transferred through encryption mechanism.
  • Proper up to date virus and spam protection programs have been incorporated in the LAN messenger to reduce risk of cybercrime and data theft
  • It is more reliability and enhanced efficiency through prompt notifications and alerts on new messages
  • Sharing of information and data and files from one employee to another is made possible through a LAN messenger.

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