Adobe Summit 2017 - Redefining Customer Experiences

Adobe’s Summit 2017 conference was attended by a record-breaking 12,000 people. The highlights of the conference were:

  • Adobe unveiled their Experience Cloud, a complete suite of cloud services that is aimed at enabling enterprises to be able to provide exceptional customer experiences. Experience Cloud consists of Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud. The solution is built on Adobe’s Cloud Platform and the architecture unites data and content.
  • New partner integrations, developer tools and intelligence features were announced for Adobe Sensei.
  • Microsoft and Adobe announced a suite of combined solutions aimed at transforming customer experiences.
  • The conference showcased Adobe's latest technology, but also featured Peyton Manning, Super Bowl MVP and Kate McKinnon, from Saturday Night Live. Both celebrities shared how their careers were impacted by digital.

Adobe Experience Cloud
Every industry on the planet has been disrupted by digital. Leading enterprises know that great customer experience is a massive differentiator in the market. Customer experience is a vital step when building a long-term relationship. To achieve exceptional customer experience, amazing design and deep intelligence is needed.

Adobe has responded to these challenges by creating Adobe Experience Cloud, a complete suite of cloud services that is aimed at enabling enterprises to be able to provide exceptional customer experiences. As an Adobe product, Experience Cloud integrates with Document Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Speaking of Creative Cloud, Adobe has recently launched a new product in that suite - Adobe Spark. The application is aimed at creating posters on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and can be used to create posters, videos and webpages using an iOS mobile device or computer. One of the many features of Adobe Spark is a cool collection of save the date images that are available to use.

Adobe Sensei and Adobe Cloud Platform Enhanced
Adobe introduced new developments to its Cloud Platform. Updates include new tools and partner integrations, and new Sensei capabilities for enterprise customers. A number of suppliers, including Clicktale, AppDynamics, ForeSee, Dun & Bradstreet, SapientRazorfish, Ooyala, and Mastercard announced new integrations to Adobe Experience Cloud. These integrations can be accessed through Adobe Exchange.

Adobe Sensei is the intelligence layer of the Cloud Platform. It offers customers intelligent services, and a unified machine learning and AI framework. New Sensei capabilities were announced, including Auto-Target, Fluid Experiences, Contribution Analysis and Enhanced Anomaly Detection.

Joint Offerings from Microsoft and Adobe
Microsoft and Adobe announced their first suite joint solutions aimed at helping enterprises improve their customer experiences. These solutions will change campaign orchestration and cross channel experiences using Microsoft Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud. The companies also said they are working together on developing the first open industry standard to define the language for sales, marketing and services data needed to provide digital customer experiences consistently.

Adobe Sneaks
“Summit Sneaks” is a highlight of the Summit and features preferred by the audience often become part of future products. Adobe previewed technology in areas such as VR, AI, and IoT.

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