8 Major Benefits of Being Listed in Business Directories

Many small business entrepreneurs have heard of online business directories. However, many of them are not quite clear about the advantages these directories have for their businesses.

Since the days of the Yellow Pages, the world of directories has undergone a major transformation. Basically, it’s a platform where the user can identify and learn about the listed products and services.

Contrary to what some business owner fears, online directories are not huge databases where their listing will be unnoticeable. They are platforms that offer (some) advantages for businesses. This article will help you understand the key benefits of web directories.

So, What are Web Directories?

Web directories are online databases where businesses are organized by topic and region.

The user can then choose on the business that is more relevant to their needs. Most web directories have a primary target. They focus on:

  • Targeting a certain industry or niche
  • Enabling the comparison of different products and services in a specific niche
  • Providing customer reviews that are accurate and reliable
  • Using the social media and GPS to provide real-time results

Many web directories offer a free listing for businesses.

However, you may have to pay a small fee for special features. For example, if you wish to add a video, photo, website link or CTA (call to action), you may be required to make an additional payment.

Some high-quality free local directories include:

8. Key Benefits of Online Business Directories

1. Increases Your Online Presence

Many online directories create their business listings from other, larger online directories. This enables your business to show up in multiple directories – even in those that you did not submit a listing.

You will have to claim and make appropriate changes to your listing on a regular basis. Take advantage of this by listing your business in top local web directories. Provide the name of your business, address, videos, and photos.

Reputable web directories like Alive Directory, Aviva Directory, Best of the Web, Jasmine Business Directory are sources of solid citation and all of them, on the long run, provide some of the benefits highlighted in this article.

2. Improves Your Local Visibility

Directories allows your business to connect to targeted users. They is massive. In the modern world, 75% of buyers prefers to search for a product or service online, before making a purchase.

3. Enables You to Enjoy the Power of Reviews

Some directories require customers to review your product or service. This instantly build trust. A potential client will usually check out the reviews of other users before they click the “Buy Now” button. The impact of “word of mouth” in any business is that strong. Indeed, the best form of advertisement is a satisfied customer.

Positive reviews are the bedrock of any good reputation today. As long as you have a healthy product, customers will appreciate your business.

Plus, one or two negative reviews can actually do good for your business. They inform potential users that your business is healthy, genuine and has nothing to hide.

4. Is an Effective Way of Advertising

You can also decide to use web directories to advertise your business.

This is a good way to grow your brand and catapult your business to the next level. Advertising in online business directories used to make a lot of sense (and it still does if you choose carefully) if your business is listed in the top ones. It allows your business to reach a wide pool of prospects.

5. Helps You Target Large Numbers of Visitors

Local and business directories expose your business to potential clients.

However, don’t expect a ton of them because there aren’t many shoppers going through the (sometimes complex) structure of a web directory to search for something they could do in 10 seconds by using Google. 

Whether you are into service or goods, web directories make product recognition easier. That’s their main purpose nowadays.

When clients for something very specific like your business name in a location most Google search results come from the directories highlighted in this article or Wikipedia (If you have a Wikipedia entry).

6. Adds Some Value to Your SEO Ranking

Any website’s SEO ranking is determined by how a search engine perceives the presentation of your web content which consists of about 200+ criteria.

Search engines collect information. The more information they can get, and the more consistent this information is, the better tends to rank that content.

Listing your business in web directories is a good way to supplement that information.

7. Is Cost Effective

Many webmasters complain that they have to pay a fee to get included here and there. But, as the last 2 decades proved us, on the Internet in 90% of cases free = SPAM. This is the harsh world we live is.

Listing your name in a few Google compliant web directories is relatively cheap compared to a lot of other things a webmaster should do, and I mean heavy marketing strategies. Try to give your listing a professional look by providing your details, address, and images.

8. Makes Your Brand More Visible

Whenever a user interacts with a directory there’s a chance they’ll see your business – even when they do not specifically click on it. It’s called brand awareness.

This creates higher chances of the prospect interacting with your brand in future.

No matter the size of your business, remember that you are not acting in a vacuum. You are in competition with other local or global players in your niche.

So, create, claim and update your listings online. Start today and reap the benefits.

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