6 Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying A Web Hosting Plan

Choosing a web hosting plan can be tough, especially when you are a beginner. Whether you are having a simple blog, a portfolio or a business related website that holistically drives your revenue, it’s quintessential to find hosting plans that suit your need and keep your credentials secure.

There are tons of things to consider, that’s why we have clubbed them all in 6 listicle pointers to make you understand them easily with no intricacy.

1. Know Your Needs

First thing first! Before you consider choosing a hosting plan, know your needs first? If you don’t even know what you require, you won’t understand what you’re buying? Consider the nature of your business, how much traffic it drives, how much load it’s to have, where it’s bound to be visible and so much more queries. Then find a reliable web hosting provider like Monkey Hosty.

2. Mind Your Technical Specifications / Limitations

As discussed above each nature of online business has different needs along with different limitations of requirements. So always ensure your business model first, is it a simple blog, e-commerce, or going to have a rich content and videos. If you have any of such, never go with the cheap web hosting plans which usually doesn’t provide you the high processing power, RAM, disc space to manage your needs. It will have more loading issues leading to slow down time.

3. Pricing

Before making any decision, ensure to have multiple quotes for your web hosting needs. Each hosting company has different plans and offers or sometimes brings you fully customized plans as per your needs which massively vary in terms of pricing. So don’t jump on the free offers too quickly as nothing comes free in this time, except the air (which is also polluted). Carefully check the quotes and choose the best web hosting plan

4. Technical Support

The game of web hosting is very puzzling, especially when you are new to it. So you should always have someone who is always up for your help round the clock. If your website goes down for an unknown reason, you should have a technical support team to help you right away without further delays. Even if it gets slow down due to an error, they must be there to assist you via email, toll-free phone, chat, and so on.

5. Track Record / Reviews / Customer satisfaction

Never trust someone too quickly. Even if you think you have some good options in hand, always cross-check the reputation of the company. In this era of the digital world, things are quite transparent and it’s very easy to check the reputation, track records and customer satisfaction ration of any web hosting company via online reviews.

6. User Interface / Control Panel

If you are a less tech-savvy person, you must know a few basic things like setting up email, FTP accounts, and installing WordPress without calling the web hosting team. The control panel and user interface provided by your hosting company should be less clunky.

Good Luck!

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