Why Do I Need to See the Physio?

Have you been having an ache in your body and are realizing there may be something that you can do about it? Perhaps you were in a car accident and on the recovery are wondering if there is something that can be done. The good news is that there is. Keep reading as the Liverpool physio experts explain why you need to see a physio.

In NSW Australia, there are many different reasons why someone may need to go to a physio. It’s important that you realize that seeing a physio can be for people of all types. It can be for a professional athlete recovering from injury and it can be for an elderly loved one as they are aging.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to see a physio.

The first reason is because you have lost your balance. There are many different reasons for this You vestibular system may not be working as good as it once was which means your inner ear is not working correctly. This can result in dizziness and loss of balance which can mean you are more likely to fall and can be very difficult condition to live with. Your vestibular rehabilitation can end up being overcome with symptoms and it’s time for a trained physiotherapist to look at some of the things you are experiencing. They will look at your head, your neck, your eyes, and others in finding out more with your central nervous system. This will help to overcome and even compensate for your inner ear issues. This form of rehabilitation is called vestibular rehabilitation and can also have surgery in order to fix it. If you know anything about physiotherapy however, you know that they try to heal things naturally and don’t make surgery as a first resort.

The next reason is because you are sitting and are experiencing pain. Many people experience this if they have a desk job, especially if they are sitting at a desk all day. This can cause a backache or a headache. Although our bodies love rest, staying in one spot like a desk for a long period of time can be hard on the body. It means pain in the muscles, joints, and they start to strain. Your back, upper arms, and neck can really start having issues. If you are noticing this, you may also want to speak with your HR coordinator about getting a better desk. The physio that you are seeing will also be able to make recommendations for you about desk options.

The third reason why you should want to see the physio is because you are in pain on a very regular basis. If you are suffering from an injury and are looking for the tissues to heal, it’s important that you not only get an expert option but that you can ensure no further damage is going to occur. This means that you are ensuring the ligaments are healing correctly and going back together like they need to. Sometimes the pain you may be experiencing settles down and sometimes it can suddenly come unexpectedly. That is one of the things it’s important to speak with a physio about.

When you are working with a physiotherapist, they are able to look at the issue in front of them. Since no two people are the same, it’s important that the physio looks and it to better determine what you need. They will put together a rehabilitation program so that you can stop suffering once and for you. There are so many different kinds of treatments a physio can help you with. Some of them include massage, strength training, stretching, manipulation, and more. 

The fourth reason it’s time to see a physio is because you are not moving like you won’t wear. No, that does not mean like when you were a teenager, but perhaps one year ago. You may have noticed that you don’t feel as flexible or move as easily as you used to. Perhaps you have always been able to go into a certain stretch and now you are having a hard time getting there. When you go to the physio they can help with the problem and put together exercises that will strengthen the tissues around the muscle and also help increase your flexibility by helping your muscles to relax.

The last reason to see the physio is because you can started urinating uncontrollably. This is very common and affected a large group of people in the world every single year. It is more common in women and as they get older, but regardless of who you are, you want to speak with a physio about the issues. The two types of urinary incontinence are stress incontinence and urge incontinence. Pelvic floor exercises can be done in order to help this issue and depending on what the physio and you talk about will termine other treatments.

As you can see, a physio can help with so many issues you may be experiencing. Remember that they will need to be able to see you and speak with you to fully understand what is going on with your body. Remember to look up a physio in your area with the specific niche that you are experiencing so that you find someone that is experienced with the problem you currently have. Everyone has similar goals and will get you back to being healthy as soon as possible.

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