Start with Airsoft: 5 questions you ask yourself

Your friends regularly tell you about their passion for airsoft, asking you to join them during the parties they organize each weekend. This would tempt you to try, but you have some reservations about this practice that you know relatively poorly. To help you see more clearly, we suggest you to review the fundamentals of airsoft!

What is Airsoft?

The airsofteurs are so familiar with their passion that they sometimes forget a little detail: everyone does not necessarily know the principle of airsoft!

To put it bluntly, airsoft is a team-based shooter that can potentially include a "role-play" dimension, taking place outdoors or indoors. It is played more specifically with replicas whose power is regulated. The rules and objectives can vary greatly from one part to another: scripted part, terrain capture, VIP protection.

Is Airsoft open to everyone?

Open to all sexes, airsoft can also boast of bringing together people from very varied socio-professional categories . Lawyer, surface technician, storekeeper, secretary, professor ... once in the field, all the differences disappear to leave room for usability!

On the other hand, the regulations stipulate that it is forbidden to sell or distribute a replica to a minor. Therefore, airsoft is strictly reserved for adults.

Is there a permission to own a replica?

Apart from the fact that it is necessary to be of age, as mentioned before, the sale of replicas is completely free . Indeed, airsoft replicas are not classified among the categories of weapons, which does not require any authorization.

What replica and what equipment to buy?

It will not have escaped you that there are a very impressive number of replicas and airsoft equipment (protections, camouflage, accessories ...) available on the market (we invite you to take a look at our online store for you. report for yourself!). The question is to know to which references it is better to orient oneself when one starts.

Can we hurt ourselves in Airsoft?

Airsoft is obviously not a discipline free of all danger. However, to be reassured, there are a number of safety rules that limit the risk of injury. There are lot of online stored with airsoft pistols for sale in Canada. You can buy and enjoy.

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