Long Term Bet Strategy - Winning with long term Football bets

Long-term betting is a sports betting which does not relate to a single event, but the overall results of a competition or tournament. Examples of popular long-term bets are betting on the Champions League winner, Bundesliga champion, world champion or European champion. In Nigeria, long-term bets are most popular in terms of bet9ja vip football prediction, but there are also such bets to almost any other sport.

Regardless of whether the European Championship qualification is still in full swing, Germany is still shivering - a bet on Germany as the upcoming European champion is still possible. Even a bet on the new Bundesliga champion is possible at any time, whether the season is already running or the teams are still in the starting blocks is irrelevant. And that is exactly what makes long-term betting so appealing in its own way, contrary to many opinions!

Long-term bets are the exact opposite of live betting

Most sports bets are logically placed on events that start and are decided in the immediate future. A typical example would be a bet the victory of a team in regular time. The game starts and after about 90 minutes it is clear that you have either won or lost the bet. The further development of such a bet is the live bet, where also tips are given, which are decided within a few minutes. Long-term bets are the exact opposite.

Long-term bets are only settled at the end

If you decide to make a long-term bet, you usually have to be patient. It is tipped on an event, which is usually evaluated not after a single game or match day, but only after completion of a complete competition. Typical examples of football/soccer long-term predictions are tips on the overall winner of a league or tournament (championship, national cup competition, Champions League, European Championship, World Cup, etc.). Also popular are bets on the top scorer, league relegated and many more.

Betting on a long-term bet

Long-term bets are typical examples of classic single bets, and the profit calculation is extremely simple:
Invoice: Win long-term bet - wager x odds = winnings
Basically, long-term bets on individuals have a significantly higher risk than long-term bets on teams. An obvious example would be a tip to the winner of the new Formula 1 season - Should the driver fail at the start of the season due to an accident, this would be logically extremely unpleasant and the bet as good as lost (and without a "real" chance to win).

Advantages and disadvantages of long-term bets

Meanwhile, every serious bookmaker has a wide selection of long-term bets in the program. Especially British bookies are known to offer the most long-term bets in comparison. Nevertheless, it has to be noted that long-term bets at the betting operators account for only a fraction of the total turnover. The largest sales in these markets typically occur shortly before the start of European and World Championships.

Basically, long-term bets are for most betting fans little to not interesting at all, as it may take up to the evaluation, sometimes even a year. And that's exactly where the problem lies, because sports betting exercises their appeal on most sports weather, mainly because they can make a profit in no time at all. The big "tingling", the tension effect comes in long-term bets, almost not to the fore, at most in the final stages of a competition.

Nor does another fact contribute to the popularity of long-term bets: long-term bets on favourites are worthwhile only in the rarest cases. The long waiting time is usually not worthwhile in relation to the potential profit. Sure, who taps on Bayern as a German champion, takes little risk. The odds for such a tip are usually so small that such a tip makes little or no sense.

Make fun bets on an outsider

Actually, long-term bets only make sense if the sports weather is convinced that an outsider will triumph at the end of the season or the tournament, because in such cases, long-term bets can prove profitable. Basically, a long-term bet should be considered more of a fun bet for entertainment.

The odds in long-term bets

The bookmakers adjust the quotas regularly due to the changed starting situations. For example, the current state of a team, injured players and coach changes play a decisive role in determining the odds. All these are factors that have a big impact on the odds of long-term bets. So if you look at the quotas at the beginning and compare them with the quotas just before the end, you will sometimes see enormous differences in quotas. Sporting weather, so strike early, can often take advantage of the better odds, but at the same time, of course, take a higher risk.

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