How to Pick the Best Bike for You

If you've heard about hybrid bicycles but you're not sure what they're talking about, this post is for you.

This type of bicycles is designed for urban use and combine features of mountain bikes and road bikes, hence its name. They are ideal for use as a means of transportation or recreation. Then we tell you a little more about these bikes.

The birth of hybrid bicycles

In the late 70's the market was dominated by road bicycles, commonly 10-speed and city bicycles with a speed and brake pedal. At the end of this decade and the beginning of the 80's, mountain bikes appeared, which quickly gained popularity.


Despite its popularity, mountain bikes were not an ideal solution for those looking for a bicycle for urban use, because they are heavy and slow. To this, the manufacturers responded with the creation of specially designed bicycles for the city, combining features of mountain bikes and road bikes. And that's how hybrid bicycles were born.

Characteristics of hybrid bicycles

Within the best hybrid bikes under 500 you can find variants, there are those that are more similar to the route bikes and others with characteristics more similar to the MTB as you will see later. But in general this type of bikes are characterized by their:

·       Force

·       Speed

·       Comfort

·       Versatility


Handlebar / handlebar

Normally they use straight or double-height handlebars, similar to those of mountain bikes. It is possible to find models, focused more on comfort that use trekking handles and some that also use adjustable powers.



The frames of the hybrids have a geometry that aims at comfort, allowing a position with the torso erect, relaxing arms and neck. They are usually built in aluminum, although you can find high-end bicycles manufactured or using carbon fiber components.

Although geometry generally resembles that of MTB frames, there are models that tend more than tend a little towards the road frames, as you will see later.


The wheels of the hybrids are usually of an intermediate width between the road and the mountain. In general, they use tires / covers ideal for use in pavement, although both the width and the pattern may vary depending on the particular objectives of each bicycle. It is very common the rolled 700, but there are models that use 26 "especially in small and medium sizes.


The hybrids use multiple speeds, generally with a wide range of speeds that facilitates the ascents and allows a good speed in flat terrains. Also, it is possible to find models that have low ranges, more similar to those used by mountain bikes and others with high ranges like road bikes. The vast majority of these bicycles use changes with derailleur but it is possible to find some models with internal changes.


Comfort bike

These bikes aim to maximize comfort. They are ideal for short and relaxed tours.

o   The geometry of the frame allows for a more upright posture which allows the upper body to be further relaxed.

o   They are usually equipped with suspension in the scissors and in some cases in the seat post.

o   Commonly they are equipped with rolled 26 and covers of greater volume which gives them greater smoothness when rolling.

o   They are usually equipped with variable power and fenders.

Hybrid for long trips

Also known as fitness bikes, they are designed to travel long distances, mainly on paved roads, efficiently and comfortably. Its geometry is more similar to that of the road bikes, but with straight handlebars.

o   They use rolled 700c with thin and rather smooth covers. This makes them faster than the other hybrids.

o   His picture is quite similar to that of road bikes with the difference that the box has the option of installing fenders and rack.

o   The range of speeds is similar to the one of the bikes of route generally three plates and a wide rank in the pinions.

o   These bikes are usually rigid, without any suspension.


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