How to Choose Tents for Camping?


While picking your tent, first pick a model dependent on your gathering's size and whether you may require extra space for additional companions, apparatus or pooches. Remember, notwithstanding, that no industry standard exists that characterizes per-individual tent measurements. Don’t have a tent for coming picnic? Tents for rent in Dubai are now available.

Tents Seasonality

3-Season Tents

By a long shot the most well-known selection of tents, 3-season tents are lightweight sanctuaries intended for the generally calm states of spring, summer and fall. They are typically furnished with sufficient work boards to support wind stream. Work boards keep out creepy crawlies (however can in any case let in fine blowing sand).

Appropriately pitched with a rigid rainfly, 3-season tents can withstand deluges however are not the best decision for supported presentation to cruel tempests, vicious breezes or substantial snow.

The essential elements of 3-season tents:

  • Keep you dry amid downpour or light snow.
  • Shield you from bugs.
  • Provide security.

Key Tent Features

Peak Height

If you like having the option to stand up while changing garments or appreciate the airiness of a high roof, at that point search for a tent with a tall pinnacle tallness (recorded in the spec outlines).

Cabin-style tents component close vertical dividers to expand generally speaking pinnacle tallness and decent space, (and a few models accompany family-satisfying highlights, for example, room dividers and a shade, or a vestibule entryway that can be staked out all things considered).

Dome-style tents offer prevalent quality and wind-shedding capacities, the two of which you'll acknowledge on a stormy night. They stand tall in the middle; however their dividers have to a greater extent a slant which somewhat decreases reasonable space.

Tent Floor Length

In case you're tall (more than 6 feet) or like extra space, consider a tent with a story length of 90 inches (as opposed to the more normal 84– 88 inches).

Tent Doors

While picking your tent, consider the quantity of entryways you need just as their shape and direction. In case you're enjoying the great outdoors with your family, numerous entryways help you abstain from moving over one another for midnight restroom breaks. Lodge style tents will in general sparkle around there. Likewise note how simple or loud the entryways are to zip open and closed. YKK zippers on the entryways oppose catching and breaking superior to other people.

Tent Poles

A tent's post structure helps decide how simple or hard it is to pitch. For all intents and purposes all family tents nowadays are unattached. This implies they don't expect stakes to set up. The enormous favorable position of this is you can lift the tent up and move it to an alternate area before staking. You can likewise effectively shake earth out of it before bringing it down.

Less posts permit quicker setups. It's likewise simpler to connect shafts to cuts than it is to string them through long post sleeves. A huge number utilize the two clasps and short post sleeves with an end goal to adjust quality, ventilation and setup ease. Shading coded corners and shaft cuts additionally make setup quicker. Aluminum posts are more grounded and more sturdy than fiberglass.


A rainfly is a different waterproof spread intended to fit over the top of your tent. Use it at whatever point downpour or dew is normal, or whenever you need to hold some additional glow. Two rainfly types are normal. Rooftop just rainflies permit all the lighter and perspectives while offering reasonable downpour security. Full-inclusion rainflies offer most extreme insurance from wind and downpour.

Tent Materials

When you're shopping, know that higher-denier texture coverings and rainflies are more rough than lower-denier ones. Additionally, crease tape and high-denier textures on tent floors decrease the chances of spillage.


Havens or canopies append to your tent to store or protecting your sloppy or dusty boots or to park cars. For that purpose, car parking shades in Dubai can help you out. They can be a vital piece of the rainfly or extra things that are sold independently.


Work boards are frequently utilized in the roof, entryways and windows of tents. This permits perspectives and improves cross-ventilation to help oversee buildup. For hot, damp atmospheres, search out bigger work boards.

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