How to Choose a Best Golf Rangefinder

Good Distance Measurement

The best golf rangefinder is one that should be able to measure distance between objects on a golf course in an accurate manner with the distance range being anything between 400 meters and 900 meters. With such a golf rangefinder in your possession, choosing golf clubs and determining targets on the golf course will be a lot easier than usual.

Small In Size

The size of the golf rangefinder should not be too large as you are going to have to carry it around with you on the golf course. The ideal size of a golf rangefinder should be between small to medium so that it is not heavy to hold and is easily mobile, letting you take it all across the golf course without feeling a sense of burden overcome you.

Weather Resistant

The golf rangefinder is one of a high quality if it is resistant to the ravages of weather and nature in general. Ideally the golf rangefinder which you make use of should not be vulnerable to rain, moisture or even intense sunlight and should be able to function well under such weather conditions.

First Priority Reading

The golf rangefinder that you use should be serviced by the first priority reading feature. Such a feature will make it possible to measure the distance between objects that lie within immediate range of each other. With the help of this feature, improving your golf swings and taking tee shots will become easier than it used to be.

Good Readability

It goes without saying that a good golf rangefinder is one that comes with good readability features. High quality golf rangefinders make it easy for you to measure the distance between the various objects on the golf course whether they are near each other or far away from each other. The facts and figures mentioned in the golf rangefinder should be comprehensive and not confuse you.

Easy To Use

The top golf rangefinders in the market are those that are relatively easy to make use of. These golf rangefinders not characterized by complicated features and technology and can be put to use easily by you even if you are a novice and are new to the golfing game entirely.

Scan Mode

The scan mode feature is one that is present in numerous high quality golf rangefinders nowadays. This is a feature that automatically comes into play when you switch the device on and set it down on the golf course, scanning the course and accurately measuring distance for you to help you enhance your golfing skills.


Good quality golf rangefinders are devices that are easy to magnify and use. The magnification feature is one that enables the device to scan the golf course correctly, locating and determining the distance between objects that are quite far removed from one another. It is present in both laser and GPS rangefinders.

Range Tendency

The range tendency of the golf rangefinder should be between 400 yards and 1000 yards at least. Only then shall it be easy for you to figure out the kind of swings that you need to take with your golf club in order to get ahead in your golfing game and secure a win, eventually.


The readings that are shown in a golf rangefinder are those that need to be a 100% accurate if these are to be of any benefit to you. The top notch golf rangefinders are those that generate precise and accurate readings, enabling you to take strategic decisions when taking part in a game of golf.

USGA Approved

The best golf rangefinders in the market are those whose use is fully approved by the USGA. Using a golf rangefinder that is not USGA approved, especially in a golfing tournament, would be an illegal affair and is best avoided if you want to prevent any legal trouble as a result of your golfing activities.

Usage Capability

A quality golf rangefinder by genuine brand lasts long. You should be able to use it for a good two to three years before you get yourself a new one, following a user instruction manual will help you make it last long. To keep the rangefinder safe, its worth mentioning to opt for the right golf bag with dedicated space for rangefinder.

Battery Life

The high quality golf rangefinders that are available for sale in the market are those that come equipped with batteries at the time of purchase. These batteries are characterized by a long shelf life and need to be charged for just an hour or two during the day in order to keep the golf rangefinder functioning for several hours on end. The batteries are capable of lasting for at least three to four years before you have to throw these away and get yourself new ones.


Some of the top golf rangefinders offer multi mode operation to be used in different situations. For instance, the slope switch mode in several golf rangefinders make it possible for you to use the slope technology when using this device, and also to switch back to slope free operations when using the device in a tournament. Its a great functionality which helps greatly especially the amateur golfers.


The finest golf rangefinders in the market are those that are easy to afford and you will be in a position to buy these no matter what your personal budget is for golfing equipment. Prices are usually determined on the basis of the features and technology that the golf rangefinder is characterized by. Those that feature slope switch technology tend to cost more than the rangefinders that don’t boast of this facility.

There is a possibility of procuring golf rangefinders of a high quality for prices that are lower than the market price, if you carry out your purchase online. The product also gets delivered to your home for free when you buy it online, with no shipping charges being levied for this purpose.

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