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Betin has earned a significant number of players from the Kenyan market. The widespread popularity is due to its simplicity from registration to play. It is also known for the SMS service which allows players to enjoy the same services offered on their official website and Betin app. The breaking news Kenya report that players can continue to enjoy betting even when they are in a place where there is no internet connection. This post highlights how you can play and win with Betin Kenya.

How to Play Betin Kenya

Players can enjoy betting in through the online platform (Betin website or Betin Kenya app) and the SMS.


After logging in, you will select the type of sport on the menu that is on the left-hand side of the homepage. Then pick your preferred tournament and click on "Display." Choose which games/events you would prefer to play and pick the odds of the games by clicking on them. The website will automatically add all the selected options to your betting slip. After that, insert the amount you want to place then click on “Bet” before confirming your bet by clicking "OK." You will get an automated message displaying that the bet has been successfully placed.

SMS or Offline option

You have to be keen on the different types of SMS commands available. Each command has a confirmation SMS sent to your phone from Betin.

Single bet: SMS the word “MatchID#Result#Stake” to 29456. E.g. “6446#X#150.

Multi Bet: SMS the word “MatchID#Result#MatchID#Result#MatchID#Result#Stake" to 29456.

A single Jackpot Bet: SMS the word

“Jp#Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result” to 29456. E.g.: “JP#X*1*2*1*2* X*1*X*1* X*1* X*1*1*2.

A multi-line Jackpot Bet: SMS the word “Jp#Result

Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result” to 29456. E.g.: “JP#12*1X*2* X*1*X*1* X* X*1*2*1*2*1*2.
Score Jackpot (Placing a single bet): SMS the word –

JP2#Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result. E.g., JP2#10*21*11*11*01*21*32.

Score Jackpot (How to place a multi-line bet): SMS the word –

JP2#Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result. E.g.: JP2#12*11*1242*AOA*11AOD*21*32.

• AOD = AnyOtherDraw
• AOH = AnyOtherHome
• AOA = Any Other Away


There are several possible bets that players can play. Chances are also called markets, and they include:

• SingleBet
• Multiplebets
• Singlesuper 13 jackpotbet
• Multi-linesuper 13 jackpotbet

Players can view the open betting markets, by checking on the selected league and clicking "View All Markets." The markets available on the particular league will then be displayed. From then, you will have the option of placing your bet on the desired open betting market. Players can also view the existing available markets for the selected match. To place your bet on your preferred bet click on the desired odds.

Bonus Types

Betin Kenya also has several attractive bonuses for its players. Theyinclude:

Daily Promotion bonus (MAXBONUS): Deposit Ksh. 99 and be rewarded with Ksh 10 free. The Betin Kenya daily bonus is available each day for one deposit only on exactly Ksh 99.

50% Boost Betin Kenya promotion: This bonus begins from 5% of the possible winning (for five matches/ events), and it increases by 5% per each game added to the first betting coupon up to 50%. The bonus applies to all the events with odds which start from 1.20.

How to Withdraw Money

Betin Kenya offers both offline and online Betin withdrawal options.

Online Withdrawal Option

Log into your account and select the withdrawal option. You will then confirm the transaction, and the funds will be sent to your mobile money account immediately. A confirmation SMS will show that the transaction has been successful.

SMS Withdrawal Option

SMS the word WD#amount#secretpin and sent it to the SMS number (29456). E.g., WD#250#5638. You will get a confirmation SMS from your mobile money immediately your Betin withdrawal has been approved. Betin doesn’t cater for the withdrawal charges being made by the players.


Beginners who are a little clueless about betting and using Betin can access the whole of user-friendly "How To" tutorials that are available on the website. These tutorials cover everything from registration to the betting process. This way, you will also be informed on all the recent updates.

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