Yuchi medical Review: Never Recommend Yuchi medical! Don’t be cheated!

Never Recommend Yuchi medical! Don’t be cheated!

I have a habit of frowning too much, which causes frown lines on my forehead and makes me look bad and ugly, so I intended to have a Botulinum toxin injection to get rid of frown lines while I was still in the UK. 

I paged through the RED book app and found a few advertisements of medical cosmetology. Because I thought frown lines were not big problem difficult to deal with, I choose the Yuchi medical without careful consideration. 

However, it is unexpected that I went to London twice, the doctor said I was injected with Botox and it would take 1 month to finish the process, but the result was very disappointing, it almost did not work !!!!

At first, the doctor said it was the first time for me to have this injection, so it would be better to inject with a small dose, and then I can come back for another injection if it didn’t work well after two weeks. 

Then I had the first injection, after two weeks the only difference was it was a little bit difficult for me to frown, but honestly it didn’t work, I can frown, but the frown lines still exist, it is totally not like what somebody else told me that there is a feeling of tightness around glabella area、 frown lines are reduced or cannot frown. 

I thought it was because the doctor was very cautious, so I made another appointment with the doctor after two weeks and went to London again for another injection. 

Now It has been one week after the second injection, I can frown, the frown lines still exist, I really feel that spending £180 for injection and £60 for transportation is a kind of the waste of money……..

I thought there would be higher price-performance value for having Botulinum toxin injection abroad than domestically,it is really out of my expectation!!!! emmmmm……

I really don’t know whether it is because the dose used is too small or whatsoever,  It is time-consuming and really doesn’t work.

By the way, the place is really small, the doctors are beautiful but not very skillful, I have ever been to a few medical cosmetology clinics in China, but this place is more like the work studio in Chinese Standard.

Just would like to warn you!  Please be careful about choosing clinics.
Emmmm ……

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