CBD or cannabidiol can be found in cannabis plants as one of the many compounds. CBD has been known to treat many types of mental diseases, and scientists keep proving its benefits by the day. There are also claims about CBD oil treatment for ADHD which we will talk about in more detail in this article. There have been theories about researchers explaining how cannabis can intensify ADHD conditions, but there hasn’t been any proof given on this.

How it works

There are two main receptors of CBD, in our bodies, which are called CB1 and CB2 and these have direct effects on precise parts of the human body. CB1 is more plentiful in the brain and affects diseases like epilepsy, whereas CB2 in more abundant in the immune system, and affect bodily pain. What happens is that the CBD oil you intake cause your body to produce cannabinoids in your body that it is supposed to produce, that lead to a reduction in anxiety and hyper-ness.


ADHD medications come in two forms i.e. stimulants and non-stimulants. Majority of the people who have ADHD conditions use stimulant medications that come with a lot of side effects that harms the body negatively such as insomnia, loss of weight and appetite and more. Where non-stimulants are concerned, they tend to cause side effects but not as much. It has been proven that CBD has very minimal side effects such as little headaches and upset stomachs while doing almost the same thing as the stimulant and non-stimulants.

And unlike the medications, CBD oil can be available with any written prescriptions from doctors in countries where it is legal.

How to take it

It is normally taken through vapes and orally. It is said that oral ingestion is less probably to cause side with a few drops on the tongue, or swallowing a capsule.

Vaping tends to be harder, especially for those who don’t smoke, but it works effectively for immediate pain relief. Through vaping, the CBD oil reaches your bloodstream faster than it does with oral ingestion.

Even though there is not a designated dosage for ADHD in particular, but there is for anxiety which is around 500 milligrams according to recent research in 2017. However, if you are new to CBD oil you should start with very minimal doses and then build it up slowly. By doing this, your body will get used the effects of the drug and will reduce the potential impact of side effects.

It is highly imperative that you do your research before consuming CBD oil, especially for ADHD. But if you are really interested, you should book an appointment with your doctor and talk to them about it. They will advise you with the needed dosages and will warn you of any legality issues. Once you start taking it, don’t go overboard and start slow and let your body get used to it slowly.

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