Some common problem and solve of Fitbit charging issues.

There are many people who purchase a Fitbit but they don’t know how to fix their charging issues problem. They don’t know there also another issue preventing their Fitbit device from recharging. Now I am going to discuss about some problem which can help solve Fitbit charging issues and help them work out the cause of the problem.

Sometimes there are dirt’s on the charging contacts, maybe you don’t know. You can clean them gently with a cotton earbud, toothpick or toothbrush. This can help improve your charging time as well.

Connect with a faulty or inconsistent charging source. Always try to use different USB port or your phones USB charger. Remove any usb hubs or try a different usb port on your computer. Most chargers provide the required 1.0A to charge a Fitbit

Tracker isn’t connected to the charger—Try reconnecting your tracker to the charging cable. If your tracker has a display, you’ll see a battery icon while it’s charging. Fitbit Flex™ lights up while charging. If you have a Fitbit Alta™, make sure the charging contacts are clipped into the Fitbit Alta charger.

Maybe the Fitbit device Firmware is expired. For this problem you have to update your tracker using the instructions provided on Fitbits’ website. They periodically release all updates that fix bugs and improve your devices performance.

Tracker has totally freaked out and isn’t responding; when you face this kind of problem just restart the device, it will be solved manually.

If you try all the above and that doesn’t seem to fix the charging issue your Fitbit maybe be faulty or you require a new charge cable. Unfortunately if your battery is faulty your device will have to be sent back under warranty. The design makes it virtually impossible to easily replace a battery inside a Fitbit. If you decide it might be your cable that’s faulty we have a range of Fitbit cables available here.

If your Fitbit isn’t responding, or jittery especially after you just charged it. You have to removing your Fitbit band, its common if you have an aftermarket or metal band installed, a static charge can sometimes build up and interfere with the electronics.

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