5 ways you can keep eating healthy while traveling

Travel and healthy eating is probably not an ideal match. You load the trunk with luggage and glovebox with snacks. Most of the snacks are not that healthy. On the contrary, those snacks come with high sugar, fructose, and corn syrup. I am sure no nutritionist will say anything good about them.

However, I do not want to ruin your travel saying bad about your favorite snacks. Instead, I have found some healthy but quick snacks to keep you refreshed and recharged during any trip.


I know you will ask how I can make smoothies in travel. Yes, you can take this healthy beverage if you have a great travel blender. All you have to do is load the mixer with your favorite veggies and fruits.

Travel blenders come with a USB power cord, and you can easily connect them to the car power outlet. When you take a break, turn on the bender and get a great smoothie.


Doctors say Nuts are great for Guts! Yes, nuts come with a wide range of nutrients. Protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins; you can get all from nuts. My personal favorites are cashew, walnut, and almond.

These nuts will not only keep you filled but will also keep you healthy. Make sure you avoid the salty and flavored ones.

Fresh Fruits

There is nothing great than chunks of freshly cut fruits. They will keep you hydrated and provide all the necessary nutrients for a long drive. If you and your significant one have different preferences about smoothies, fresh fruit will be a great option. One will enjoy the fresh taste while others will cherish the blended version.

The best thing about fresh fruits is they are easy to carry. You can take as whole or cut into your favorite sizes. Your kids will also love it. Also, you can carry a portable blender for making smoothies.

Homemade wraps

Wraps are an excellent blend of carbs, protein, and veggies. I make different types of wraps the night before the travel. My family's personal favorites are chicken, tuna, and veggies wraps. I use the tortilla as the wrapper, but it is up to your preference.

You can use the leftover casserole, pie, or salad as the purr for the wrap. Pita or tortilla bread will be great options for the wrapper. However, you can also try over-the-counter Roti or Nun for an exotic taste.

Homemade sandwich

Do you still remember your school days? Your mom used to make super sandwiches with all your favorite items. I think our Moms' knew about the goodness of homemade sandwiches long ago. Maybe that why she insist us to carry those during any travel or outdoors.

You can use any good quality bread and white meat to make a healthy sandwich for travel. Moreover, Light Meat Tuna will be another excellent option for travel sandwich. You can make the combination super healthy by using whole grain brown bread. It will provide you fiber, protein, and calories to replenish your travel excitement.

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