The Reasons for Commercial Painting Is Different Than A Home Painting

When it comes to painting a house or anoffice space peoplegenerally think it’s just a work that involves paint, brushes, rollers,sprinklersto paint some walls and ceilings of the building.This is a misconception because there are many differences when it comes to do a house paint job and a commercial building paint job. A house is painted keeping in mind the preferences of the people living in it whereas a commercial building painting is done keeping in mind the philosophy of the company which is either driven by its logo, vision, motto or the industry it belongs to. Also the structure of a house and a commercial building varies a lot and require different paint job. Commercial buildings cannot be painted in odd colors as it is not in accordance with the standards. Besides this commercial building need commercial painters that have expertise indoing the job as per the industrystandards.

Commercial buildings need a good paint job because there are many reasons behind it:

1. First Impression is the Last Impression
Commercial spaces deals with customers so it becomes vital for them to get the paint job done because a customer or an employee judges the economic condition of the company on the basis of the commercial property and if it is well maintained and colored it sends positive signals to the clients and employees. Beside this a commercial building has lots of structure that look quite awkward and it is obligatory to paint them to make them look better. 

2. Customers expect Clean Environment
A nicely painted commercial building appeals to the people visiting it. Well painted commercial buildings generally have cleaner environment than commercial spaces with no paints. Commercial buildings are expected to support the surrounding environment and a good paint job is one such step in this direction.

3. Saves the Company from Extra Expenses on Repair
Commercial buildings have lot more space than a home and basically house a variety of equipment, wooden furniture, steel and iron structures, machinery, ceiling, doors, windows, cabinetsthat need paint job every now and then. Peeling paint if not taken seriously can lead to further damage and thus can lead to spending large amount of money for repairing and repainting purposes. This is the reason a properly maintained and painted commercial space saves the company from unwanted financial burden.

4.Commercial Building Bear More Wear and Tear:
Commercial building are more prone to wear and tear than a normal house because the amount of people entering and exiting the building, the daily commute, use of space and amenities is way more than a normal house. Suppose there is a commercial building in Toronto and it has offices, warehouse, parking, lifts, lobby etc. then the amount of people visiting it will be huge in comparison to a house. This is why it will need commercial painters Toronto services to make it able to sustain the wear and tear for a longer duration.

These are some of the reasons why there is a difference between a commercial building painting and a house painting. Both involves the same technique but are dissimilar with regards to the purpose for which they require painting job.

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