The Best RV Satellite Antennas for Your Next Out-of-Town Trip

There are numerous things you can do to make a long road trip a great experience. And if you don’t want to miss your favorite television show or you want some screen time while taking breaks, here’s a pro tip for you: get a satellite antenna for your next RV trip.

Generally made of alloys, satellite antennas are dish-shaped receivers of direct-broadcast television signals from satellites orbiting the earth. To date, they are the technology that can bring television consumers the clearest reception.

They are usually judged based on their flexibility in terms of connection to devices, portability, and signal reception. Some antennas are too large that you can’t transport them easily from your house to a vehicle.

Simply said, satellite antennas for road trips are used to get television signal even when you’re traveling. Although some people prefer to immerse themselves in nature or engage in deep, long conversations with the ones they’re traveling with, an RV that has television access can never disappoint you on a long trip.

With the vast variety of options, it’s crucial to know how to find the best RV satellite antennas. The first thing you have to think about when you’re going to purchase one is the specific services you want to receive. Do you prefer portability over compatibility with satellite providers? Would you instead want more channels than an easy-to-use control system?

It’s essential that you know these things for you to buy the best one for you. Here are a few considerations you should take note of:

● Compatibility with satellite providers
Some antennas can be linked to many satellite providers, some of which include DirecTV, DISH, and Bell TV.

● Signal quality
Television channels usually have two versions, a high definition (HD) and a standard definition (SD). Depending on the satellite provider, some channels are only available on either one of them.

● Durability
Because your RV satellite antenna will be traveling, you may want to ask your seller for the product’s durability.

● Portability
Portability is a significant characteristic you should be looking for in an RV satellite antenna. This consideration includes checking if the device can be easily packed and set up. You may also want to consider the weight of the antenna because you’ll surely be carrying it around.

● Maximum receivers
If you want to use multiple televisions separately, then you must aim to buy a satellite dish that can cater to more than one receiver.

Now that you’re knowledgeable of a few factors you should consider, here are some of the best RV satellite antennas you should take note of for your next out-of-town trip. If you’re not able to find the one for you, it’s very easy to search for other options online.

Winegard GM-6035
Perfect for a night-out camp.

The main feature of this product is its compatibility with satellite providers DirecTV, DISH, and Bell TV, expanding your options and assuring you of a clear signal. Equipped with a particular search algorithm, it automatically changes the satellite’s angle when you change channels. It can also accommodate two receivers simultaneously.

However, the Winegard GM-6035 can’t be used while the vehicle is moving. It also cannot receive high-definition channels.

Winegard RT2035T
Perfect for the long road trip.

Although this model is relatively expensive, it can provide in-motion viewing, which means you can watch satellite television even if your RV is on the go. It is also lightweight and takes up minimal space on your vehicle’s roof. It is also compatible with the three major service providers, but it can’t receive high-definition channels from DirecTV satellites.

King VQ4500 Tailgater
Perfect for the active user.

This model is very portable. Two pounds lighter than the average ten, the Tailgater can be mounted very easily anywhere from second homes to trailers. It goes with a 50-inch coax cable for extra portability. It is compatible with six different DISH receiver models and can receive both standard and high-definition signals from DISH satellites.

However, this model can only be used in stationary, and its multiple-receiver feature may only work if both stations are on the same satellite.


Camping, moving, going on a vacation – out-of-town road trips aren’t just about going from point A and point B. Because of how long they usually take, you would need some amenities to make you comfortable and keep you entertained. Satellite antennas that can provide you with good television services are an essential part of traveling through an RV. Make sure to get yours before your next long travel.

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