Seeking Custody of an Adopted Child

If you are worried about who gets the custody of an adopted child, worry not. The rights and duties towards an adopted child are the same as in the case of a biological child. When both the parents have legally doped the child, they will be seen in the same light as biological parents. Hence, the custody will also follow the same lines.

However, it is still important that one hires a reliable divorce attorney Davie, even when it is an amicable divorce. This is because a divorce involves with a custody involves many issues that can affect the life of all parties concerned for a considerable time. A good lawyer will ensure that your rights and those of the child are protected at all stages.

Developing a custody arrangement: A divorce case involving a child has to have a custody plan. This is part of the divorce decree. It is important that you set your expectations to your layer who can then represent them adequately to the court. Ideally, you and your spouse should be able to reach some kind of decision on the custody with details and requirements and type of custody spelled out. However, this is not always possible in a divorce case. A good lawyer will, at the very least, ensure that your case is presented fairly in the court.

Obey the court: Child custody is often a very sensitive matter and a parent who feels that he/she has been unfairly treated is often tempted to defy the court order. However, this is can be a very bad decision. By reneging on the court order, such as failing to turn up for a visitation or refusing to your spouse from spending time with the child will mean that you are in contempt of the court order. Your spouse can then rightfully apply for punitive action or a bigger share in custody.

Child support: When deciding on custody, the court will also allocate liabilities on child support. This will depend on the needs of the child, the financial status of both parties and so on. Keep in mind that this is not gender specific and a father has as much right to child support as a mother if the situation so warrants.

Get legal help: There are multiple other issues, such as custody issue across State lines. In a custody case, a child’s rights and interests are of the paramount importance for the court. So, it is important to understand your rights and those of your child’s. A divorce attorney Davie is therefore essential in ensuring that these rights are safeguarded.

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