Is Health Insurance Plan Available for above 60 years in India?

Life would be infinitely happier if you could only be born at the age of sixty and gradually approach sixteen. Yes, the reason being old age brings along lots of ailments, which are expensive to treat and care for. It’s an alarm for you to be more careful not only about your expenses, but about your biggest asset your “health”.

Yes, there are various insurance companies that offers health insurance plans for senior citizens. They help you to save your hard-earned retirement funds and lifelong savings. Buying health insurance for senior citizen above 60 years would be a smarter move to make life even more relaxed and stress-free. Because, we all want to age gracefully.

What are the benefits of Health Insurance for Senior Citizen above 60 years?

• Tax benefits under Section 80 C
• Free Ambulance services for transporting the insured.
• Health-checkups available annually.
• Coverage of pre-existing diseases as per policy terms and conditions.
• Coverage of hospital expenses if hospitalization is more than 24 hours. This includes doctor fees, room charges, nursing fees, medical bills, etc.
• Benefits from the free-look period on the health insurance policy
• Day care expenses covered arising due to the use of special equipment’s
• Pre and Post hospitalization expenses coverage depending on the number of days one spends in the hospital.

Key Points to Follow While Opting For a Health Insurance for Senior Citizen above 60 Years

Keep in the mind the below key points while opting for a health insurance for senior citizen above 60 years:

1. Are maximum illnesses covered in this health plan?

Before you finalize on a senior citizen health insurance plan, ensure that the plan covers maximum diseases. The exclusion list should be read carefully. Knowing the policy terms and conditions would be smarter to have a hassle-free claim settlement. Medical history should be informed to the insurer correctly. Basis on which a customized health plan would be offered to you. To know your medical history, it is important to go for a complete check-up. As you grow old, your chances of getting prone to more and more diseases is high. Basis these medical reports, health insurance policy are issued to the senior citizens.

2. Are you doing a complete research of various plans in the market?

Many insurance companies in India offer health insurance for senior citizens above 60 years. The plans vary. So, the best way to narrow down your search is by comparing the quotes of different insurance company’s side-by-side. By doing this you can research about the various plans available, its features and benefits. This would help you in shortlisting the most ideal plan as per your requirement.

3. Are you inputting the correct details in the proposal form?

While filling the proposal form ensure you input all the correct details. Be doubly sure since entering incorrect details could be troublesome during claim settlement.

4. Are there enough network hospitals around your vicinity?

All insurance companies have a tie-up with certain hospitals wherein you can avail cashless treatment. Having a huge network of hospitals, make a good senior citizen health insurance plan. Ensure there are enough network hospitals around you so that it becomes easier for you to rush during medical emergencies.

What is not covered under health insurance for senior citizens above 60 years?
Buying a health insurance plan is smarter move. But knowing the exclusions is even smarter since it’s important to know what is not covered in the policy you opt for:

• Any Cosmetic surgery
• Any diseases contracted within 30 days of policy issuance
• Non-allopathic treatment
• Injury due to war
• Any expenses due to drug abuse or self-inflicted injuries
• Expenses arising due to dental treatment, lenses/spectacles(except arising due to accident)
• Expenses to treat diseases like AIDS
• Certain ailments like joint replacement etc. covered post completing 2 years                  

So, enjoy this phase of turning a year older than 59. After all, “Inside every senior citizen is a young person wondering… what the #$%# happened”! It’s the time when things start falling apart, both physically and emotionally. Buying a senior citizen health insurance plan would help you live a stress-free life. It can help you achieve all your dreams posts retirement and keep you secure financially.

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