Important points to rock a t-shirt

1 - Nail the fit
They should never be any bargainings in luxury or fit. It can really do some grave damage to the overall look if it isn’t right.
A few of things to identify when ordering your IFCHIC Slogen T-Shirt

  • Make assured the arm points are aligned with your shoulder
  • Look out for the body section and the right kind of taper for your body type
  • Length of the covers to be at easy points so they don’t get in the way of your regular routine
  • Length of t-shirt, lightly below the middle is better for tuck-outs
  • Neck position should not be too low
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2 - Go for different colors
The staple colors are passé! Although greys, blacks & blues are compulsory in the wardrobe, it’s time to get those second looks with new-age colors like peacholive green, ombres.  and mustard.
Style tip: The real way to pair these new colours is with denim – be it regular colors or distressed denim. Use light t-shirts with colored jeans for a nice diversity look. Do make sure the colour doesn’t contrast with your skin tone.

3 - Go with the best fabric
Unnatural fibres are famous for sportswear but not always easy as everyday wear.
Prefer between lightweight and bigger weight cottons for best comfort.
Light weight ones are perfect for casual summer days and the bigger ones for a stylish casual look.
Aside from the important aspects of fit, colour and material; do choose the best style and function to wear each to.

4 – Accessorize
Up your fashion game by accessorizing right.
socks, shoes, Watches, loafers, belts, caps – choose suitable ones for a more fun style!

5 - Use a nice jacket/vest
Wearing smart casuals and layering is a global inclination.
Dress up any t-shirt but must remember IFCHIC Slogen T-Shirt and still keep it cool by pulling it up. Pay regard to the neck, cut and colour of the clothes/ jacket and match your shoes too.
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